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Interiors: Scandinavian style

Scandi Style

Creating a simple, beautiful and functional home 

When you think of ‘Scandi’ what enters your mind? For us, it’s clean lines, neutral tones, beautiful and functional pieces of furniture, and an overall sense of calm. The Scandinavian interior design style reflects the nation’s ethos and lifestyle; it’s no fuss and helps you to see the beauty in the simple things in life, and in your home. Everything has a purpose, whether that is to bring character to a room or create a functional part of everyday living. 

Simple, not minimal

When people think of simple, they can often confuse this with minimalistic, which isn’t the case with Scandi style. While it isn’t overcluttered with decoration or colour, it does lend itself to having statement pieces. 
When it comes to decoration, think uncluttered spaces and simple displays using objects that reflect your personality and memories you and your family and friends have made, such as personal photographs or pieces that remind you of a special time. 

The perfect balance

The philosophy of ‘Lagom’, which means “not too little, not too much” lends itself to the Scandi style as it is about creating the perfect harmony within a space, creating calm and allowing it to flow.  Muted colour palettes, stripped timbers & beautiful linens are key features for creating a harmonious space that can flow and breathe.  

Calming colours

Scandi style favours a neutral colour palette with colours that are heavily muted with undertones of grey. From sandy beiges and soft millennial pints to true greys and milky whites, these shades will enhance simple beauty, calmness and harmony in any room of the home.

Creating a Scandinavian feel is easy with contemporary beige shades that are on the grey spectrum, with a lilac undertone. This will create a clean and laid-back look to your home. These neutrals will be warm and look great when layered. To add a sense of character and individuality to your home, use darker shades for woodwork or feature walls. These types of neutrals combined with wood, work well to create the perfect Scandinavian look.

Laid back linens

Linens are a key feature of any Scandi style home, as the relaxed nature and muted tones of the material make it a perfect match for the style. Linens are naturally creased and therefore add to the laid back, effortless look, and choosing blushed shades will add a splash of colour and add a playful look.

A splash of green

Nature plays a big part in the Scandi trend, as plants are said to have a calming and positive effect on a room, not to mention the beautiful splash of colour they bring. Rich green plants add individuality and vibrancy to any space, and come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your personal preference.

Plants are also a great way to connect children with your home. Allowing them to choose the greenery and showing them how to care for a living thing can give them a sense of purpose in your home and engage them with nature. 

Better with age

Stripped and aged timbers will connect your space to nature and will reveal the individual beauty of the wood pattern. Embracing wood elements will add energy into your design scheme and can be ethical, if sourced mindfully. Timber can be worked into a room in any amount, from a full natural wood floor to smaller accent pieces such as wooden light shades or chairs. 

Aged materials such as leather and concrete in small amounts add a rustic touch to your scheme. The texture and tones that concrete or leather bring to a space can add depth and interest. Adding too much can take your look in the industrial direction, however accents of it is perfect for bringing a Nordic vibe to a room. 

Layered flooring

After you’ve chosen your base floor covering, whether it’s natural wood or a simple carpet, you can then layer up the textures and add interest with a rug. There are so many options for textures and shapes of rug, and the size of it can change the dynamic of a space. 

Woven rugs have a real natural effect and can come in lots of different patterns. For those who are not colour confident, adding a rug that has a hint of bold colour is a great way to introduce an extra feature and experiment with colour on a smaller scale. 

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