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What is the New Homes Quality Code, and what does it mean for our customers?

The code specifies the criteria that developers who are registered must fulfil. Updates to the code may occur periodically to incorporate changes in industry best practices and decisions made by the New Homes Ombudsman Service.

All homes constructed by registered developers must comply with building safety and other regulations. Registered developers are encouraged to ensure that their properties are free of snags or defects before handing over keys to customers. In the event of any snags or defects, timely rectifications should be made within the agreed-upon timescales.

For the purposes of this code, the term 'customer' refers to an individual purchasing or intending to purchase a new home for personal occupancy or to be provided to another person. In cases of joint purchases, 'the customer' encompasses all joint purchasers. The New Homes Quality Board is also exploring considerations for additional customer groups, such as shared-owners and those purchasing homes for rental purposes.

Any modifications made by the New Homes Quality Board to the code, reflecting the needs of diverse customer groups, will undergo development through consultation. The board will continuously assess and review the code's effectiveness, as well as any new laws or regulations applicable.

The code does not cover claims for the loss of property value or blight resulting from major public works, personal injury, or claims beyond the scope of the New Homes Ombudsman Service scheme rules.

Strata has adopted the New Home Quality Code as an additional layer of consumer protection. We take pride in ensuring the delivery of high-quality homes and exceptional customer service. Our Customer Charter, outlining our commitment to you, serves as a guide throughout your purchase and provides detailed information, advice, and ongoing support beyond your move.

Our Strata Customer Charter

1.    Supply you with the New Homes Quality Code and adhere to the requirements of the code.

2.    Supply you with comprehensive information about your new home, along with the choices and options available to you. 

3.    Keep you informed, at agreed intervals, regarding the progress of construction, physical completion, and occupation dates.

4.    Equip you with health and safety guidance to minimise the risk of hazards from construction activities, whether during visits to the development or after you've settled into your new home.

5.    Present you with the opportunity to designate a suitably qualified inspector (RICS or RPSA member) to conduct a Pre-Completion Inspection of your new home, starting from 5 calendar days after the Notice to Complete has been served (or earlier through mutual agreement).

6.    Conduct a demonstration of the various features of your new home before your move-in date and provide documentation regarding the initial usage and maintenance.

7.    Supply you with a report on incomplete work on the development and estimated timescales for completion, covering areas like roads, open spaces, recreational zones, and landscaping.

8.    Offer you an easily accessible and efficient after-sales service (including emergency out-of-hours coverage) to address issues, inquiries, and complaints; striving to resolve warranty matters within one calendar month.

9.    Provide guidance on the 10-Year build warranty and other warranties from manufacturers that will benefit you.

10.    Facilitate independent satisfaction surveys, allowing you to provide feedback on our performance.