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Your Home, Your Design, Your Way!

Unleash your creativity and design the heart of your home with MyStudio, the ultimate online configurator for crafting personalised kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. MyStudio is your key to a home that truly reflects your personality. Craft each room with care, finesse, and a splash of your unique style. Ready to embark on your playful design journey? Your sanctuary awaits!

Start creating

Easy to use

Easy to use

The configurator is designed in a way that it is simple to navigate, with choices grouped in categories by product and colour.  


The colour and textures you see appear as they would in natural light, allowing you to make choices based on  a photo-realistic representation.


Step inside your new home, with the 3D environment allowing you to see all angles of the room as if you were in it. You’ll see how your tile choices impact the space and can add finishing touches including mirrors, heated towel warmers and more to create your own personal spa-inspired sanctuary in your new home.

What you can choose

Having the opportunity to configure each room to your personal style is a unique benefit of buying a new home. Being able to see in real time how the colours work together, or how texture can transform the feeling of the space, gives you added confidence in the selections you make.

Can I select my design choices nd share my choices with Strata?

Yes, you can configure your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom with real options available in Strata homes. Share this with the Strata team and they’ll help you to make those choices a reality in your home.

How do I know how much the choices I pick will cost? 

The configurator is based on example kitchen, bathroom and bedroom designs from our homes, but each home design will differ. This means we can’t give an accurate representation of cost, but you can share your choices with the Strata team to find out the cost for your new home.