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Kitchen Inspiration

“Our kitchen and dining areas are designed to flow, creating a balance of space and light to create a beautiful and versatile space to live and grow.”

Felicity, Interior Designer

Your kitchen, your way

Welcome to the heart of your home – the kitchen! With MyStudio, designing the perfect culinary haven has never been more exciting. Explore our expertly curated range of tile, laminate and worktop options, mix and match finishes, and visualise your dream kitchen in stunning 3D. Your culinary masterpiece starts here.

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A place to cook, to laugh,
to share moments with friends and family

Your kitchen is the space where you spend so much time with family and friends, enjoying hosting or intimate family dinners. Creating a kitchen and dining space that is both beautiful and versatile is an important part of making your house a home. Here's our guide to creating your perfect kitchen.

Elevate your appliances

Along with your everyday saviours like your washing machine, fridge freezer and dishwasher, treat yourself to some appliances that add a feeling of luxury to your new kitchen. Our ovens have a self-cleaning function so you can spend more time cooking and less time cleaning. A wine cooler is perfect not just for keeping your wine cool, but bottles of sparkling water, juices and more, while keeping your fridge space free for the essentials.

High end, high gloss

High gloss is a contemporary, high end looking kitchen finish that is loved by interior designers. But it’s not just a pretty surface. Gloss finishes reflect natural light around the room, creating the sense of a brighter, more airy space even in the smallest of kitchens. If you’re considering dark, dramatic tones then a gloss finish will prevent the colour from overpowering the space.

Beauty is seamless

Another interior designer favourite is blending tiles, worktops and cabinets to create a smooth, seamless design. Choosing colours from the same palette and materials that flow into each other create clean lines that open up the room and create a sense of calm. Handle-less kitchen doors complete this beautiful effect, or you could select a minimalist handle that melts into the colour and texture of your cabinet doors.

Set the tone

Kitchen cabinets and worktops cover a large area of the overall space, meaning the colour palette you choose will set the tone for the room. Consider that a kitchen is not something we change often, but can be refreshed with accessories, wallpaper and paint colours. Choose a neutral tone that won’t date and that you’ll love for years to come.

Real time, kitchen design

Design your ideal kitchen, from cabinet and worktop combinations down to the perfect finishing touches.

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