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2022 Kitchen trends

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, somewhere you can host your friends or spend time as a family. It’s a room you should love spending time in whether that’s while you’re cooking up a storm or spending your Sunday doing the chores. We explore the 2022 kitchen trends and see what next year has in store for us; from colour block cabinets to statement taps, we’re certain there’s something for everyone. 

Dark surfaces

That’s right, 2022 is moving over to the dark side. Think, rich charcoal grey or midnight black. These tones can make a kitchen feel really warm and inviting, whether you choose dark worktops, splashback or even flooring, adding a deeper and darker tone to your kitchen can really switch up the ambience. Dark surfaces also go really well with industrial textures like wood and brass.

Two toned

Adding two different tones to your kitchen is a great way to experiment with different designs and inject colour into the space. Two tones doesn’t have to mean bold blocks of colour either, it can be two tones of the same colour. If you’re wanting a more subtle paired back look then why not look at two tones of grey? Using different tones in your kitchen can also create a statement in this room. 

Smart storage

Storage has always been something we need in a kitchen but hasn’t always been that easy to utilise. Smart storage is becoming a lot more popular with built in carousels, floor to ceiling cupboards with deep, functional draws and lots and lots of cupboard space. Not only is there not lots of storage options available but they’re also smartly stored so that once the door is shut, you’d never know what lives behind it!

Green with envy

There are some really beautiful colours creeping into 2022 and green is one of them. Specifically, the deep, rich green that is always paired so beautifully with gold detailing. This new trend could work for everyone, whether you’re a colour lover and want green units from top to bottom or you prefer a more subtle look, with the odd deep green bowl or mug dotted about then this one’s for you.

Statement taps

Taps make for a great statement piece, not only does everyone need one, but the level of detail your kitchen tap can bring to the space is amazing. From gold vintage, or industrial brushed copper to sterling silver or sleek matte black, there is a tap that will suit any kitchen style and colour.