Favourite Sustainable Homeware Brands

We are passionate about making sustainable and eco friendly choices in everything that we do. From building homes, to what goes into our show homes and beyond, we continually strive to make conscious and sustainable choices to help our environment. 

Keep on reading to find out more about some of our favourite sustainable homeware brands so that you can achieve the Strata look in your own home whilst having peace of mind that you are helping to reduce the planet’s carbon footprint. 

To find out more about Strata’s sustainability report, click here.

Sostrene Grene

Originating in Denmark, Sostrene Grene is a well-loved high street brand selling Scandinavian homeware and lifestyle products for an accessible price. Sostrene Green ensures that sustainability is a priority from every stage of their production, from suppliers to in store purchases – one of the many reasons why we resonate with this brand.

If you ever decide to visit a Sostrene Grene shop, you will notice that little to no packaging is used for any items within the shop. Also, be expected to be greeted by a selection of eco friendly and reusable bags at checkout, from paper to classic tote bags.

Another reason why Sostrene Grene is one of our favourite brands is due to the wide selection of beautifully crafted Scandinavian homeware and décor. From rustic woven baskets to beautiful vases, there is something for every room to provide that cosy feel that is found within our show homes.


Nkuku are an online brand selling timeless and sustainable furniture and homeware. Working with artisans from around the world and combining natural materials with beautiful craftmanship, this brand offers stunning pieces with a distinct story. Nkuku has three pillars which define their brand, which are Ethical, Eco-friendly and Handmade - what isn’t to love? 

Sourcing eco-friendly and sustainable materials used to create each homeware piece is incredibly important to Nkuku. All of the glassware used at Nkuku is made from recycled glass, the leather they work with is a bi-product and dyed using natural vegetable dyes and their journals are made from recycled cotton paper which is created by using left over cotton fragments remaining from the garment industry. 

Nkuku consciously hand pick their suppliers and ensure that each one uses sustainable and natural products with a focus on ethical production. Whilst browsing the Nkuku website, you may notice that each piece has a classic feel. This is because Nkuku pride themselves on creating timeless and well-designed pieces rather than fast fashion homeware. This allows each furniture or homeware piece to be loved for many years (even generations!) whilst still being filled with character and style.


Swyft are known for their beautifully designed, sustainable sofas.

They are passionate about minimising their environmental impact which is why they consistently find new ways to improve their sustainability plan. From planting a tree with every sale to even carefully developed biodegradable plastic, Swyft has their sustainability covered.

Most of Swyft’s packaging is made from cardboard and is specifically designed so that no glue or staples are used which allows recycling to become easier and more convenient for its customers. Where cardboard hasn’t been used, a biodegradable plastic is used, which is created with D2w technology. 

Here is what Swyft has to say about this technology: “D2w technology accelerates the natural process of decomposing plastics. It speeds up oxidation until the item can no longer be classed as plastic, with the end result leaving no trace of toxic residue or microplastics. D2w can be recycled with conventional polymer, is made with recylate and classed as biodegradable.”

Source: Swyfthome.com