Christmas Trends 2023

It’s almost that time again, the most magical season of the year…Christmas! 

The countdown is almost on until we are scrambling to get the tree up, untangling those fairy lights you threw back into the box last year and standing on that slightly wobbly chair to put the star on top of the tree. But that is what makes it Christmas, right? 

Your Christmas décor undoubtedly plays a huge role in your home during the festive season, it’s what makes your home feel extra special after a long day and sits quietly in the background whilst you make new memories with family and friends! 

We have been working hard behind the scenes to research the best Christmas décor trends for 2023 so that you can have the most show stopping decorations on the street and really impress your friends and family this festive season. Keep on reading to find out more about our top three trends!

Rustic Scandi

Scandinavian interiors have become increasingly popular within the interior design industry over the last few years and has certainly paved its way into many of our homes as one of the biggest design trends. The impact of this design influencer has now filtered down into this year’s Christmas décor, allowing you to match your Christmas tree with your home décor seamlessly! 

Rustic Scandinavian Christmas decorations have a heavy influence of natural and rustic materials such as wood and metal oppose to the traditional sparkly decorations we may often imagine when thinking of Christmas. If you prefer more earthy and neutral colours in your home such as creamy beige tones, sage greens, deep burgundy and black accents, this is the décor trend for you! 

Some of our favourite highstreets shops to buy Scandinavian inspired decorations from include Ikea, Sostrene Grene and Dunelm.

Stylish Monochrome

If you find multicoloured fairy lights or brightly coloured baubles a little overwhelming, this might just be the trend for you! 

We have seen a huge increase in monochrome interiors over the last 12 months with the surge in popularity of colour flooding. (this refers to decorating every wall in a room in the same colour including the ceilings, doors and skirting boards!) So of course, we have to pair this with monochrome Christmas décor to match! 

A monochrome Christmas has one rule and one rule only…strictly one colour! You have complete creative freedom with the shape, texture and style, just make sure the colours are the same! Whilst you can choose any colour to match your home, our personal favourite colours to lean on for this trend are white, deep red and gold tones. 

This Christmas trend creates a real wow factor and a true editorial feel to your home. (Who doesn’t want to spend their Christmas in a home fit for a Vogue magazine?) For the biggest impact, we recommend matching your wrapping paper colours to your Christmas tree décor for a seamless look!

Timeless Luxury

Sustainability is a huge focus on everything that we do in our daily lives and that doesn’t change during the festive period. When choosing your Christmas decorations, it is important to choose a theme that you know you will continue to love in years to come. 

The best way to achieve this is by focusing on timeless luxury Christmas décor. This means focusing on high quality pieces which will last over the years such as glass, wooden and even metal decorations oppose to the cheaper alternatives which are often made from plastic or foil.

‘Timeless’ can mean something different to every individual…it’s what makes it so special! These could be decorations that represent a favourite memory, a special family keepsake or even that bauble you love, just because! 

When choosing your timeless Christmas decorations, it’s important to consider a theme that you will love for many years to come. If you haven’t worked out your personal favourite Christmas theme just yet, we recommend starting your collection around neutral colours such as white, beige, gold and champagne tones that you can then easily pair with extra colours and textures later down the line.

Don’t forget to share festive photos of your home by using #mystratastory, we can’t wait to see how you personalise your own home this Christmas!