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How to style the perfect Christmas Tablescape

Christmas is just around the corner and many of us are starting to think about planning our festive table setting ready to get the party started. Keep on reading to find out our top tips on how to wow your guests and style the perfect Christmas Tablescape.

Decide on your colour scheme

The first step to planning your Christmas Tablescape is to consider your colour scheme and how you can integrate this into your decorations. If you are using your regular serving wear sets, a great place to start would be considering the colour of your plates, bowls etc. If you have white dining sets, the opportunities are endless however if you have more unique colours such as red or black, we recommend planning your decorations to match these colours.

Create your centrepiece

Now you have your colour scheme figured out, it is time to get extra creative and plan the centrepiece that will be on display on your dining table. You can have complete festive freedom with this however the main thing to consider is space and if there will be enough room to comfortably sit all of your guests once your centrepiece is in place.

We recommend considering height and how you can stagger items to add interest and depth to the table. Try adding a large vase in the centre to act as a focal point and add smaller and lower accessories around the base to a complement the design.

Consider texture

Now we have your colour scheme and your centrepiece together, we almost have a finished Christmas Tablescape! It’s time to start considering the finer details such as texture and how to introduce this into your table.

Texture can be included into your design in many ways such as your napkins, your placemats and even any foliage that you may want to add to your table such as fresh flowers or greenery. When you are considering your napkins and placemat combinations, we recommend two options; creating a contrast with colours and materials or creating a solid and uniform colour such as linen placemats and napkins to match or alternatively, a black placemat with a high contrast napkin to make the tape design pop for example.

If you would like to introduce foliage into your table design, a great way of doing this is by picking a garland of your choice and weaving it down the centre of your table. This is a brilliant way of being able to create the illusion of an intricate florist inspired table plan without having to break the bank.

Adding the last finishing touches

It’s time to add the finishing touches to your festive table design to really add that ‘wow’ factor. Consider adding a mix of candles and candlesticks around the table to create that extra special Christmas atmosphere. If you would like to go the extra mile to wow your guests, you can also add place cards to your design so your guests know where to sit (without causing any of those Christmas Day family arguments!).

We would love to see how you have designed your dining tables this Christmas – Don’t forget to share your festive photos with us on social media by tagging us and using #mystratastory.