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What would our homes look like if we left the kids in charge?

We all have a dream home of our own. From cosy cottages to minimalist mansions, we each let our imaginations run wild, in pursuit of our personal vision of perfection.

Of course, at no point in our lives are these imaginations quite so bold and active as in our early years.
With that in mind, we couldn’t help but wonder how our homes might turn out if we left the kids in charge.

To find out, we interviewed an eager host of 4 – 11 year olds, who gave us some weird and wonderful home design inspiration. From chocolate walls to teleporting technology, here’s how our most creative minds envisaged a dream home of their own. 

When we asked the girls about their dream home, many were adamant they wanted to live in a fairytale castle, atop a hill and surrounded by the ocean. Instead of bricks and mortar, the castle would be built from chocolate, glitter and rainbows; while a sweet shop and ice cream parlour would replace the boring old kitchen. To top it all off, the castle comes with magical powers – able to transport its residents anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye.

The boys’ ideas culminated in a ginormous Lego treehouse, rising from the centre of a huge theme park. The grounds would feature vast swimming pools, home to friendly pet sharks and a wacky collection of waterslides. As a rather spectacular finishing touch, the entire complex can lift into the sky and fly anywhere in the world at the flick of a switch.

As you might expect, we received no end of fun and fabulous ideas from our young participants. We’ve included a handful of our favourite drawings below. Some of the standout suggestions include a dinosaur park, a homework-completing annexe, a petting zoo with regular visits from Sir David Attenborough and even a resident sausage-llama. 

Shobnall Primary School's Dream Homes

Yazaan's Awesome Creation (age 9)
My Dream Home (Callum, age 11)
Ben's Underwater House (age 9)
Brooke's Wonderful World (age 10)
The Funhouse by Cruz (age 6)
House made of rainbows and socks by Jack (age 7)
Freddy's Rocket Ship House (age 4)

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