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Discover new homes in Castleford

A commuter town seeped in history, Castleford is a hub of exciting amenities and accessible connectivity, well-suited for new homes. Castleford is the place to be for young families. Its quick connections to Leeds and Pontefract make commuting and days out a breeze, but there are also dozens of local attractions right on the doorstep that are ideal for family weekends.

Quiet and thrilling in equal measure, there’s a reason new builds in Castleford are becoming ever more popular. While Xscape and the Snowzone can give you a premier ski-slope experience, the history of Castleford goes as far back as the Celtic Iron Age, and as far forward as the age of coal power. The rivers Calder and Aire connect right above Castleford, helping to form the local wetlands that offer picturesque views.

New builds in Castleford, such as the Verve located in the busting Castleford suburb of Glasshoughton, are far enough away from the hectic high-street to give you weekend peace and quiet, but close enough to the action that’ll always be able to find a spot on match day or space in the nearby shopping centre.

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Highlights of living in Castleford

Castleford might be a commuter town, but that doesn’t mean it's not home to its own unique culture and significant historical events. A large and dynamic market town, Castleford is home to numerous independent coffee shops, secluded tearooms, and lively cafes.

While exploring Castleford’s many streets from any new homes, Castleford attractions big and small will no doubt catch the eye of anyone passing by.

Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture

Castleford has over 2,500 years of history for such a small location. As well as showing evidence of occupation as far back as the Celtic Iron Age, it’s also built directly atop a Roman military camp. The nearby Queens Park has evidence of roundhouses dating from the Anglo-Saxon period, and it was even the site of Oliver Cromwell’s camp for the siege of Pontefract Castle during the English Civil War. Information on all of this and more can be found in Castleford’s forum library and museum, and the Queen’s Mill; a 900-hundred-year-old mill that is still producing flour today. For families looking for new builds, Castleford is also home to Diggerland, a day out with the family that is buckets of fun. 


Settled neatly in the gap between Leeds and Wakefield, and sitting right above Pontefract, the ease of travel to and from Castleford is what makes it such a popular commuter town. Both the M62 and A656 run right by Castleford, and Castleford’s modern station has rail links to both the Leeds and Pontefract lines. Our new build homes in Castleford are just 3 minutes from the Glasshoughton suburb station, and 20 minutes from Leeds.


Discover Castleford’s vibrant shopping scene by visiting the Junction 32 outlet shopping centre. First-time buyers looking at houses for sale in Glasshoughton are perfectly positioned to make use of the 90 stores, restaurants and cafes hidden within! Also situated at Junction 32 is Xscape, the ideal destination for any thrill-seekers out there. With plenty of activities from bowling to laser tag, there’s tons to do, but Snowzone is a must-visit, widely considered Europe’s premier indoor Snowsports venue. With skiing and snowboard experiences all year round in the perfect conditions, it’s the ideal place to practice before going on those winter holidays or getting a taste for winter sports that can be hard to find in the UK.


When you settle down in one of our new builds in Castleford, you can step right out of your front door and onto the numerous walking trails located around the local area. Fryston County Trail takes walkers towards the River Aire Viaduct and Village Bay Viewpoint, two locations that offer beautiful views of the area, and Castleford’s rail links make it easy to travel to any walks around the Yorkshire Dales.


Castleford is also well-known for their rugby super league team, the Castleford Tigers. Playing in the topmost level of professional rugby league, match day is always an exciting occasion for locals and visitors alike, creating an excitable but communal atmosphere. Other much-loved sporting venues in Castleford include the Ferrybridge and Whitwood golf courses. Despite being a commuter town, Castleford is also home to two RSBP nature reserves. RSPB Fairburn Ings and St Aidan’s. These conservation wetlands are home to some of the UK’s rarest bird species, all of which can be spotted as you wander the crisscrossing vivid nature trails of the parks by foot, bike, or horse. 

Living in Castleford

Life in Castleford can be both active and calm. Some weekends could be a non-stop whirlwind of activity, while others might be nothing more than a quiet day of relaxing. The variety of things to do and places to see are one of the main reasons new homes in Castleford are so family-friendly. But even those looking for quiet new houses in Castleford don’t need to worry about excess noise, especially on match day. The Verve is sat well away from the rugby pitch and Castleford highstreets, yet still within easy travel distance.

Families moving to Castleford also have a great selection of primary schools to choose from when relocating to the area, as well as Castleford and Airedale Academy for when the children are ready to take their first steps into secondary education.