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Zero Waste Living

It is no secret that we are passionate about saving the planet here at Strata. We continue to strive to make small changes everyday to help make a positive difference to our environment and now you can too! Keep on reading to find out some of our top tips on how you can reduce your daily waste through making small changes to your everyday routine.

Replace your plastic soap bottles with bars of soap

If you think about it, you probably have a tonne of plastic soap bottles sat inside your home right now! It is time to scrap those bottles filled with handwash, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and more and swap them with solid alternatives. 

Solid bars last longer, they are often more concentrated and massively reduce the amount of waste that is typically found in bottled products…what isn’t there to love?

Some of our favourite places to buy solid hand and body products is Gruum and Lush. These stores conveniently offer a wide range of hand soaps, hair care products and body care so there is something for everyone. These handy (see what we did there?) soap bars are easily accessible and are packaged in eco friendly packaging, allowing your bathroom to be the best zero waste hot spot in the area! 

Scrap the tea bags

This is a controversial one and as a Yorkshire based company we completely understand…but hear us out! 

Tea bags are often filled with tiny micro plastics which aren’t good for anyone. These tea bags will then typically be used and discarded into your bin bag which means even if your teabag was compostable, it will still be sat in landfill unable to decompose! 

The way forward? Loose leaf tea! Your cup of tea tastes just the same but uses up less waste…win win! To use loose leaf tea, simply grab a tea strainer and pop your tea leaves inside and once your tea is brewed, simply empty your tea leaves into your compost bin.

Don’t worry, most large tea companies offer a loose leaf tea alternative, our favourite is Yorkshire Tea of course!

Using Eco friendly cleaning products

We use cleaning products every day and often stick to our favourites without considering the waste that we are creating by using single use plastics so regularly. Try to introduce more sustainable cleaning products into your routine such as those that offer refillable options and include less harmful chemicals. 

One of our favourite brands is Miniml, a sustainable, natural and zero waste company offering a wide selection of household cleaning and laundry products.

Create your own compost

Creating your own compost is completely free, is really simple to do and is the perfect way to combat your daily food waste. You can create your own compost by either starting a compost heap on the ground in a corner of your garden or even inside of a compost container inside your home. 

Simply dispose any food waste such as fruit, vegetables, egg shells and coffee grounds into your compost heap and leave them to work their magic! Overtime, this will create a rich compost which you can use in your garden to speed your flowers and shrubs along.