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From the countryside to city living, we are always lucky enough to be surrounded by a variety of wildlife. Looking after our environment is vital and if you have a garden, you have a brilliant opportunity to help. Eco-friendly gardens don’t have to be untamed mini meadows filled with overgrown wildflowers, they can be modern, subtle and stunning. Keep on reading to find out how you can make small changes to your garden to help save the planet.

Water Storage

Storing rain water is a great way to help run an efficient and eco friendly garden. Not only does it allow you to water your grass and plants naturally, it also reduces your water bill! Water Butts can be purchased for as little as £20 and can be tucked away out of sight. Everytime it rains the Water Butt will gradually fill up with water, perfect for keeping your eco friendly garden thriving! 

Bug Hotels

Other ways that we can make our gardens more bio diverse is by adding ‘bug hotels’. These are discreet, small in size and can be a great activity for children (and nature loving adults!) to get involved in. These can be bought on the hightstreet or online for an affordable price or if you are looking for a fun and simple project to entertain the kids this summer, you can also DIY your own bug hotel. Simply choose a small corner or shaded section of your garden and go on a scavenger hunt around your garden for any spare rocks, old bricks and twigs. Once you have your materials gathered, create a small pile, layering the rocks and twigs as you go. This is completely free to do and is a really fun way to get your kids outside and learning about the wildlife that lives on your 

DIY Compost 

Another great way of making your garden more eco friendly is by creating your own compost. This is completely free to do and saves you having to buy pre made from the garden centre. You can make your own compost either inside in a container or in a pile on the bare ground in your garden. Simply dispose of any old veg, grass cuttings or newspaper and overtime, this will create a rich and nutritious compost for your garden. 

Top Tip: Adding old coffee grounds into your compost and flower beds can help your plants thrive. Simply sprinkle near your plants and rake into the soil. Not only does this supercharge your beautiful flowers, it also reduces overall food wastage!                                                                               

Grow your own herbs 

Planting your own herbs is a great way of contributing towards your eco friendly garden and can be maintained by anyone, no matter your gardening experience. If you are a beginner when it comes to gardening, we recommend starting out with 3 small potted herbs such as rosemary, parsley and mint – these can be kept outside or as a décor piece on your windowsill. 

If you are more of a gardening fanatic, you may want to consider planting a few more varieties of herbs and dedicating a small patch of your garden to your kitchen. Growing your own produce at home may seem small however it can create a big impact by reducing pesticides and other chemicals being used, reducing your carbon footprint and is also highly cost effective.