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Why new build homes are considered energy efficient

With the energy bills rapidly on the rise, many of us may be diverting our minds to how to be more energy efficient and make the pennies stretch just that little bit further. Buying a new build home comes with many perks such as personalising your home, warranty and great locations however another huge positive is how energy efficient new builds are. Keep on reading to find out more about why buying a new build home can help to reduce your energy consumption.

Energy Efficient Building Materials

New build homes such as Strata are purposely built to be more energy efficient compared to older homes. We achieve this through building with more thermally efficient materials ranging from insulation – both improved quality and more of it in the walls and roof spaces. We also create greater airtightness through improved glazing products which helps to create a home that requires less heating whilst also ensuring that no heat is lost once fully heated. All of this combined helps to create a home that requires less energy to heat which overall saves money.

Brand new appliances

When buying a Strata home, you have the luxury of receiving brand new, high quality appliances. These don’t only look fantastic and provide peace of mind, they also help to save energy too. Newer appliances such as Neff offer a top level energy rating which helps to save money on your utility bills due to costing less to run.

PV Panels

As a company, we are always researching and reviewing the products we use to build our homes to ensure the highest quality results. Where possible and if required, we will install Photovoltic Panels or PV panels for short. Similar to solar panels, these work by transforming thermal energy into electricity. This not only allows our homes to be more eco friendly and energy efficient, it also allows our customers to benefit from minimal energy costs.