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The best places to eat in Hull

Hull is a vibrant city in East Yorkshire with a small-town feel, and one of its main draws is its affordable housing, providing you with premium properties that suit a family budget. 

That being said, Hull is known amongst its residents for its local eateries, as this spot has independent restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars in abundance. In fact, the restaurants in Hull and the food scene here brings many people to this area, simply because you can take a short drive from your home and reach top venues in no time. 

To educate you further on this food-filled city, we’ve sourced some great places to eat in Hull and the surrounding areas. But which are the best?

The best restaurants in Hull

If you find a new contemporary home from Strata, you’ll love cooking up dishes to enjoy at your new dinner table with the family. And you’ll be more than happy to invite people over for a bite to eat to show off your new property, as well as your culinary skills.

Although, for the moments when you want to dine out in style with your loved ones, you will want to reside in a home that has more to offer than just lovely scenery and swish interiors. Luckily, nice restaurants in Hull are aplenty and there will always be a place to dine when you live in this city.

Family-friendly places to eat in Hull

If you’re a parent, finding places to suit both you and your children can be a little difficult at times. Luckily, there are plenty of places to eat in Hull that are catered to families.

Here is a selection of the best restaurants in Hull for families to visit:

•    Uno's Trattoria Pizzeria – A family-friendly, traditional Italian eatery situated on Newland Avenue serving mouth-watering pizzas.

•    The Greek – With one restaurant located on Newland Avenue and the other in Hessle, East Yorkshire, parents and children can tuck into authentic yet affordable dishes including chicken, pork or halloumi souvlaki alongside chips topped with fresh feta and oregano. 

•    Sleepers Bar & Kitchen – Just a short drive from our development in Beverley lies this modern bar serving pub favourites, with another location on Newland Avenue in Hull, close to our Attraction development.

The go-to cafes in Hull

Perhaps you’re relocating to Hull and living with a friend, a partner or by yourself and are hoping to find great places to eat. Hull is readily equipped for you to enjoy brunch, breakfast or lunch at one of the many cafes here. 

These are the popular cafes in Hull to venture to during your spare time:

•    Barista – Located on Newland Avenue, this café serves tasty brunch specials including French toast with whipped mascarpone, Mexican eggs and Moroccan Shakshuka. This is a popular choice if you’re choosing to settle down in our Dream development, taking just under 25 minutes to reach by car. After you’ve eaten, you can explore the fresh fruit stalls, gelato bars and thrifty charity shops which line this popular street. 

•    Nibble – Situated in Hull’s bustling city centre lies Nibble, a modern café offering eat-in and takeaway options. Dine here at the weekends, or if you work in town or at the digital hub: C4DI, this café will be right on your doorstep.

•    Thieving Harrys – Serving everything from brunch, lunch and craft beer, Thieving Harry’s is one of Hull’s homegrown eateries that is so popular you will find yourself queuing out of the door to get a table. Located on the scenic marina means you can grab a bite to eat with your dearest friends while watching the world go by.

•    McCoy’s – This roastery and café bar welcomes all walks of life, serving up delicious flatbread sandwiches, burgers of all varieties as well as a homemade soup and sandwich deal. Gorge on chicken chowder as you admire the waterfront and enjoy a butterscotch latte or a cherry, grape and hibiscus soda. 

The best restaurants in East Yorkshire

When it comes to pub food, enticing brunch and fine dining restaurants, East Yorkshire provides a range of options for you to visit on the weekends or in the evening for date night. In particular, the historic market town of Beverley is filled with dining opportunities – here are a couple of our favourites. 

Enjoy Asian cuisine

For upmarket sushi and Japanese cuisine, Ogino Japanese Restaurant is a superb choice. This eatery is just a five-minute drive or around 23 minutes on foot from our Anthem development. Being a little more upmarket, this is the perfect choice for a date night with a difference or as a special brunch for someone’s birthday.

For Italian eats

As well as top restaurants in Hull serving Italian delights, East Yorkshire is a brilliant area if you’re hoping to enjoy this type of cuisine during the weekend, or as a mid-week treat.

Lucia Wine Bar and grill in Beverley is an ideal spot to dine with friends and family. As well as the indoor seating inside the restaurant itself, this Italian eatery has a pleasing outdoor area filled with fairy lights, and even accompanying blankets to keep you warm while you gorge on delicious pizza and pasta. 

This dining spot offers classic favourites like crispy calamari and lasagne. Not to mention, it has a separate vegan and Sunday roast menu, as well as signature cocktails and a varied gin list.

Dining in Hull and beyond

Now that you are aware of which Hull restaurants to visit, along with the finest pubs in Hull and East Yorkshire, you can visit the ones which appeal to you the most. Once you secure the keys to your new home, you will be delighted to start exploring, or you may even venture to one of these spots before you move to get a feel for the area. 

And if you’re already a Hull resident with a keen eye for food, but are looking to relocate from the city centre to East Yorkshire, Leeds, York, Pontefract or beyond, simply review our list of upcoming developments and start planning your move.