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Why new builds are a good investment

Why is buying a new build home a good investment? To help you learn the answers and understand them in more depth, we’ve created this helpful guide, covering everything you need to know.

There's no chain

One of the plus points of buying a new build home is you’re not part of a chain. This means you can move in hassle-free since no one has owned the property before you.

The space is empty until you arrive and move in your belongings, which is a brilliant bonus. This makes the house-buying process much simpler, as you’re not relying on a chain of people to decide your move-in date.

You can add personalised touches

When you buy a new build home with Strata, we offer innovative features to make your new home bespoke to you. You’ll benefit from additional, personalised touches that you wouldn’t if you were buying a traditional home.

Our home personalisation options make moving into your new home even more exciting. These simple additions could also improve the saleability of your property in later years; adding your own stamp brings variability and a unique touch, which potential homeowners enjoy.

You’ll benefit from community-led extras

Another great benefit of buying a new build home with Strata is you’ll receive added extras that a traditional property wouldn’t typically offer you.

Our community events are hosted on a regular basis in our show homes, with everything from seasonal wreath making and cooking workshops to coffee mornings and yoga. It’s a great opportunity to meet your neighbours, even before you move in, and start to build long lasting relationships with others in the community.

It’s yours from day one

Another great thing about buying a new build home is, it’s yours from the moment you move in; no one has lived in the property before you. This means you’re able to make it your own, and also move in a lot faster.

Strata homes have a large square footage

Strata new builds have great square footage, as many of our townhouse and detached properties have three floors of space to live and grow. This means you benefit from more room, to work with, live in, and enjoy.

So, if you’re wondering “are new builds a good investment?” the answer is clear – yes! As, you’ll be getting a new property with plenty of square footage for an affordable price, without having to debate over costs for repairs, like you would if you were buying a pre-owned home.

Do new builds go up in value?

Yes, new builds go up in value. In fact, they generally appreciate at the same rate as any other property type. Homeowners enjoy new builds, even when they are bought “second-hand”, as they have that newness that you can’t get from an older property.

And because Strata homes offer spacious floorplans, your new build property will appeal to more homeowners, when the time feels right to sell it. The more space a home offers, the more appealing it is – and if a family are looking for a new build with ample room, for example, your home is going to be at the top of their agenda.

Newer homes are cheaper to run

We offer future-proof, low carbon homes, which will be a big draw for all homeowners going forward. Even our traditional built new homes bring cheaper energy costs than older properties.

Essentially, the newer a home is, the newer the processes and materials at the time of build. And as the housing market changes, so does our building process for new properties, unlike more traditional, pre-owned homes.

For instance:

  • Pre-owned homes don’t conserve energy as well as newer properties.
  • Many pre-owned homes were built half a century or more ago, with older materials that may have deteriorated over time.

Therefore, when it comes to new build homes vs pre-owned homes, a new home is more of an investment, as you’re paying less towards your energy bills each month!

Cheaper home insurance

Did you know home insurance can often be cheaper for new build homes? New builds use more up-to-date materials, and feature newer safety features, which makes your property more appealing to insure than an older property that’s littered with problems and potential repairs.

Because cheaper home insurance will then reduce your bills overall, this frees up money for new furniture, garden accessories or anything you wish – which proves how purchasing a new build is a really good investment.

Uncover more about new build homes

There you have it – a full, answered guide on why new builds are a good investment.

Hopefully, this has encouraged you to buy a new home more than ever, especially since you know that new builds do increase in value, alongside the many other benefits of purchasing these properties.

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