New Build Energy Efficiency

Natalie Wilson
Natalie Wilson
Jun 6, 2024

The Government’s latest EPC data has revealed that on average, new build homes are 66% more energy efficient than traditional properties.

The HBF have calculated that this could lead to savings of up to £2,575 per year for the average house built to the new sustainability regulations (Part L) from June 2023.

Even new build homes not built to Part L regulations still benefit from 57% reduced running costs on average according to the Housebuilders Federation (HBF), meaning a saving of up to £2,185 annually when compared to older properties.

The new figures also revealed that 85% of new homes now have an A or B EPC rating compared to less than 5% of older properties.

What Makes a New Build Home Energy Efficient?

Part L Regulations
These came into effect as of June 2023, meaning any new build homes built from this time onwards must adhere to the new sustainability regulations. This covers things such as minimum boiler efficiency of 92%, a max temp of 55°C for any wet heating system, time controls and insulated pipework. 
New Boiler
Even before the Part L Regulations, new build homes have always benefited from having a new boiler which runs to around 90% efficiency, whereas an old boiler in an older property could be running at as little as 60% efficiency. 
Solar Panels
Many new builds now come with solar pv panels as standard or as an optional upgrade. While this technology has been around for years, it is now increasingly more common and contributes to the A or B EPC ratings we’re seeing across 85% of new homes. 
Loft and cavity wall insulation is installed in new homes as standard and contributes significantly to the home’s ability to heat up fast and retain heat.
Low Energy Lighting
Strata new homes are fitted with energy efficient LED lighting as standard, which use 90% less energy than a normal bulb to give the same level of illumination.
Double Glazed Windows
Another common place where old properties lose heat is through their windows. New build homes come fitted with brand new, double or sometimes triple glazed windows with trickle vents that retain heat much more effectively.

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