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What you can expect from the attraction show homes

Our Attraction development in Hull opens on 31st May, with the four-bedroom Emerald and Madrid homes available for viewings from Saturday 2nd June.

Ahead of the opening later this month, we would love to share with you what you can expect from the interiors of these stunning new show homes.

Nature X modern living

Natural elements have secured a space in the interior designer’s playbook, as they create a strong foundation for varying design themes.

In the Attraction show homes, you’ll find nature blended with contemporary elements. Mango wood benches and table tops meet industrial steel and brass, while soft furs and organic wallpapers contrast harsh concrete and marble. Plants will hang over the dining area in the Emerald home to breathe life into the space, and a collection of art and magazines will express personality and reflect lifestyle.

“These show homes reflect how nature meets 21st century living,” says Daniel Mumford, Creative Director at Interiors By Dapa.

Art can take many forms

Strata have become well known for the contemporary art and dressing in our show homes, and Attraction will not disappoint.

The way a room is dressed reflects personality and can be used to set the tone or be the finishing touch to a space. And art doesn’t have to be in the form of a painting or a print, restricted to a frame or a space on the wall. In the Attraction show homes, you’ll find a selection of bespoke abstract canvases, sharp and contemporary prints, and some of our favourite books and magazines that reflect lifestyle and personality.

We’re experimenting with new ways of creating movement and life in the rooms of our show homes through the dressing. Textures can be art in their own right. By creating whole walls of art using textured walls that draw the eye and the hand, making you want to reach out and touch the walls around you.

Less is now more

We are moving away from creating bold statements with lighting features, and instead moving towards more subtle lighting that creates a mood rather than a statement. Downlighters and low hanging pendants in the bedrooms are beginning to replace one larger light above to create a softer, calmer atmosphere.

In the living spaces, we’re using strategically placed lamps and down lighting that not only look beautiful, but also create the right mood for the room and its purpose. While dining and kitchen areas remain a lively space where you’re likely to entertain family and friends, snugs and lounges are areas to relax and unwind, and the chosen lighting complements that.

Can’t wait to see the new show homes in person? Book your personal viewing of the Attraction show homes and be one of the first to see them on opening weekend.