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A record-raising total for our Charity of the Year, IDAS

Another year of fundraising has been rounded up and we’re delighted to announce that we raised a record total once again! This year’s Charity of the Year, Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS) will receive £156, 135.56 thanks to the Strata family’s amazing fundraising efforts this year.

This year’s charity events have included something for everyone, from baking to bungee jumping, every person got involved in their own way.

A special highlight from this year was a record number of over 100 adults and children signing up to wade through mud, leap over fire and dive into ice cold water in the Total Warrior challenge. Everyone was so moved by this year’s charity introduction that people of all ages and abilities, some who had never done anything like it in their life, signed up for such an extreme and physically demanding obstacle course.

“It was hands down the hardest mental and physical challenge I have ever done but I am so proud of everyone for pushing through and completing it with mud and smiles on our faces!” says Izzy Salisbury, who took part in the Total Warrior.  “When you see how much money we’ve raised and you hear the difference it will make to so many people’s lives, it makes it all worth it and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

Olivia Lefevre, Strata’s Charity and Events Manager explains: “After four years of charity events and fundraising as a team, there’s no stopping it! Everyone is so passionate about supporting the causes we choose in whatever way they feel able; whether it’s attending the Charity Ball, skydiving 15,000ft, kayaking across Yorkshire or running through mud, fire and water! The feeling of achieving something collectively brings everyone closer and drives us on in our day to day activities.”

How the funds we raised will help IDAS

Our Charity of the Year for 2019, IDAS, is a Yorkshire-based charity supporting anyone experiencing or affected by domestic abuse or sexual violence. Their services include refuge accommodation, community-based support, peer mentoring, group work and access to a free, confidential out of hours helpline.

IDAS also work with schools to educate young children on what a healthy relationship is and how to identify and report domestic abuse if they experience it at home. The money we raised will fund more resources to provide further refuges and train more teams to go out into the community to educate and support. 

Sarah Hill, Chief Executive of IDAS, was overwhelmed by the total: “Wow, It's incredible! When I first met you all, I was struck by how warm and passionate you were about making a difference. You're a brilliant team and a brilliant company. It's a very heartfelt thanks from us. Words can only sum up so much about how much of a difference it will make, and it will make a difference. Not just for this year but for years to come, and it will make a difference to thousands of people. What you have done is incredible! It's been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to work with you. You are unique in how you throw yourselves into the events and into the support. Domestic abuse isn't an easy subject for us to talk about because of the stigma attached to it. With everything you've done, you have raised awareness as well as this amazing amount of money. It's all credit to the company, so thank you."

Olivia adds: “IDAS is breaking through stigma and boundaries on a daily basis. To hear about their work was uplifting and incredibly humbling in the same way. The stories from the women and men who lived through and survived domestic abuse have been heart-breaking to listen to. It has been a privilege to raise such an incredible amount for this charity, and in turn raise awareness of the amazing work they do.”

A huge thank you to each and every person who supported this year’s charity fundraising efforts. We can’t wait to share with you who the Charity of the Year 2020 will be.