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Our Charity of the Year 2019 Revealed

Each year, we choose a cause to be the focus of our fundraising for the next 12 months. Choosing which charity to support is never an easy task, as all the causes we consider are worthy, but our aim is to select one that will benefit the most from the funds we raise. And of course, it is equally important that our colleagues, suppliers, customers, family and friends all feel that the cause is one worth giving their time and efforts to support.

IDAS - Safe lives. Free from abuse.

Our Charity of the Year for 2019 is no exception to that. This year we have chosen to support IDAS - Independent Domestic Abuse Services. IDAS is a Yorkshire-based charity supporting anyone affected by domestic abuse. They currently help over 5,000 people every year, providing refuge accommodation for families who need to escape, as well as support to people living in their own homes. They have recently started working with young people and children in schools to help ensure they recognise healthy and unhealthy relationships, and to get young victims the support they need at the earliest point possible.

We invited IDAS to our head office on Thursday 17th January to meet our team, the people who will be jumping out of a plane, kayaking across Yorkshire and hiking up the national three peaks, among other things, to raise money for this incredible cause. The IDAS team shared with us how the work that the does impacts the people they help and what they hope to achieve with the funds we raise. They shared an incredibly emotional and moving presentation that gave us an insight into why this charity is so important, which was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube if you’d like to watch and see for yourself why we thought this amazing cause to be worthy of being our Charity of the Year 2019.

Getting involved with our charity events

The first of our charity events kicked off this weekend at the Harrogate Town vs Hartlepool where we collected donations from the supporters. The fundraising will continue throughout the year with bowling, bake sales, a skydive, the Total Warrior challenge and much more, including our annual Summer Charity Ball that will be held in Leeds on Saturday 6th July.

We’re extremely excited to get started on these events and hope to raise an incredible amount of money for them. We are inviting everyone, our friends and family, customers and people in the community to join us in taking part in fundraising this year. If you’d like to find out more about the events taking place and how you can get involved, take a look at our charity events calendar.