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When designing the community at our Dishforth site, Esteem, we considered how we could seamlessly connect with and enhance the existing community that was already well established in the area

Bordering onto a school and existing green open space, we ensured that we maintained pedestrian access to the school, and created paths that encouraged access to the existing field so the community could enjoy the benefits of the natural environment surrounding their home. 

To ensure we preserved the habitats of the local wildlife and encouraged them to thrive, we added bird and bat boxes, as well as a variety of perennial shrubs and natural climbers throughout the site, interlaced with existing hedgerows.

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Neighbouring Kiveton Community Woodland, Breathe in Kiveton is in a prime position to support and enhance the already established population of local wildlife, and make it accessible for the community. 

We introduced bird and bat boxes, and hedgehog holes throughout the development, along with grasses, wildflower meadows and planting across the watercourse to attract a wide variety of species and create a sustainable habitat.

A community orchard is also part of the plans for the site, to create a natural open space that benefits the wellbeing of our human inhabitants, as well as attracting various bird species to create a home there. 

We then worked with Meadfleet, the landscape maintenance partner for the site, to create a detailed information leaflet to educate customers on what wildlife they will see around the community, and what they can actively do to support a sustainable home for the wildlife to thrive alongside themselves.

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Plans for the incorporation and enhancement of the existing natural environment was a key consideration when creating the designs for Desire in Leeds.

The local area supports the presence of the Great Crested Newt, and a number of newt ponds have been incorporated across the site to support this. The extensive plans also include a Nature Park, which will encourage the diverse ecosystem to thrive. It will also create multi-use natural spaces for our customers and the wider community to enjoy, from a place to cycle, walk and run to a natural and green environment that enhances their wellbeing.

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