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People are at the heart of everything we do at Strata. We believe in creating spaces that reflect the communities that we are working in and that foster a sense of belonging.

To become the truly sustainable business that we aspire to be, we must continue to put our customers first by delivering developments that are people-centric and support the adoption of sustainable living. We have developed a series of policies and processes to ensure that our developments are designed with meaningful placemaking in mind, where the needs of the residents, the community and the wider environment are considered holistically.

In following this approach across all developments, we are creating diverse communities, accessible through a mix of tenures, that are connected via sustainable modes of transport and are close to nature; creating spaces where people and families can dream and plan for their futures.

Purposeful Placemaking

We are committed to creating meaningful places that connect people to their communities, heritage and the natural environment. Our people-centric approach to placemaking ensures that throughout the design, delivery and post-completion stages of a project we are responding to the needs of the local community to deliver places with purpose. Throughout 2023-24 we have been formalising our existing processes into an all-encompassing Purposeful Placemaking Procedure that clearly highlights the steps we take to create places of value for communities.

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Our Approach to Nature

Nature is intrinsic to everything we do at Strata, providing us and our suppliers with the resources and services we need to thrive, which in turn allows us to create spaces where people can enjoy access to nature and a good quality of life.

During the planning process, the team work closely with wildlife experts to uncover ways in which we can support and enhance the natural habitats of a variety of species, through the inclusion of biodiversity and nature.

While each development is unique, we do consider set criteria as standard to understand what enhancements will have the most benefit, some of these include:

  • The installation of bird boxes and hedgehog highways

  • Connectivity to the wider environment through wildlife corridors

  • Nature retention, such as hedgerows and mature trees

  • Retention of public open space for habitat enhancement

  • Native species prioritisation or for any planting to have proven benefit for the local environment

We also take the time to understand local features and location-specific assets to see how we can incorporate these into the design and maintenance of each of our developments, while engaging with our customers to share information on what we’re delivering and why.

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Infrastructure for People

Creating truly happy customers and sustainable communities is about more than just the developments and homes that we build. We believe that when designing spaces, we should also be considering the wider community and the infrastructure and access that they require to flourish.

We are proud that 100% of our developments contribute to or provide community infrastructure that can be utilised or enjoyed by the wider neighbourhood to support a good quality of life. 

Connectivity is enhanced across all developments with the installation of digital networks that can be accessed by residents, neighbouring developments and businesses. This ensures that the community are able to enjoy good quality internet connectivity for social interactions, and to support local economies through online work and business opportunities.

Access to nature is also delivered as standard across all Strata developments. Residents and the wider community have access green open spaces on our developments, as well as footpaths, cycle paths and stiles connecting them to adjacent existing outdoor spaces such as nature reserves, woodland and fields. For those who want to travel further afield in a more sustainable way, bus stops are introduced to ensure connectivity to key destinations for the community.

Sustainable Journeys

Healthy customers are happy customers, and all our developments have initiatives in place to encourage people to travel using more sustainable methods that either keep customers active or that reduce local air pollution associated with single use car travel.

The design of each and every Strata development includes infrastructure that promotes more sustainable travel options and reduced car dependency. The needs of each community are assessed to ensure that all designs are tailored to suit each area and ensure connectivity to local amenities. 

These incentives include:

-    Installation of electric charging points
-    Access to secure cycle storage
-    Footpaths and cycle paths connecting to local open space, amenities and public transport

We also work with industry experts to create tailored travel plans that provide customers with information and incentives to encourage more sustainable and active travel, once they’ve received the key to their new home, customers will also receive a pack that highlights all the great ways in which communities can travel and meet their needs without relying so heavily on the car.

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