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In November 2023, we refreshed our values and took the time to come together as a business to understand and reflect on these values through the delivery of the HEART Workshops.

During these workshops, the team were able to come together and connect with each other away from their day-to-day roles and get to know each other on a personal level, while understanding more about themselves and how they can contribute to sustainability and social value at Strata.

Throughout these interactive workshops, all team members attended the session entitled ‘an introduction to sustainability and social purpose at Strata’. This was the first training session to be delivered in line with the areas identified through a skills gap assessment. 

These workshops played an integral role in creating new and deepening the existing connections our team members have with their peers and aligning their values with the brand on a professional and personal level. The months following the workshop have seen positive impacts throughout the business, with the shared values of working towards common goals such as sustainability helping to strengthen the sense of belonging our team feel.

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