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Our Sustainability Strategy Framework: Uplifting places where people can flourish reflects who we are at the core, a group of like-minded people obsessed with creating homes and communities for people in a way that respects the planet, its resources and everyone that we work alongside.

We know that to deliver the sustainable future that we envision we must create positive action and ensure full transparency and accountability across everything we do. Our Foundational Enablers and Catalysts are the building blocks that set the standards, create the resource, encourage collaboration and enable the creativity to help find the answers that we don't yet have.


Gemma Smith, Julian Davis, Vernon Cunningham, Elsie Hargate
Matt Bloomer, Claire Linley, Lee Wilson, Olivia Cowling

Chaired by CEO Gemma Smith, the Sustainability Committee consists of passionate individuals from across all aspects of the business who are the driving force behind Sustainability at Strata. 

Meeting quarterly, the committee focuses their energy on the implementation of our strategy, reviewing progress against targets and KPIs to ensure that we are working towards our vision. 

Sustainability action is further embedded across all teams, driven by the owners of each working group, who alongside the Sustainability Manager are continuously reviewing, updating and exploring existing and new products, processes and technologies to improve performance and mitigate against risk. 

Reflecting the contemporary feel of Strata, our working groups are ever evolving and growing, and currently consist of:

Energy & Carbon Working Group
Biodiversity & Nature Working Group
Thriving Communities Working Group

Climate &
Sustainability Risk

Another key function of the Sustainability Committee is to regularly review the business’ internal Sustainability Risk Register, to ensure that alongside wider business risk, climate, environmental and social risks are identified and effectively managed through existing business processes. We understand that simply identifying the risks that may impact or be impacted by climate change and sustainability is not action enough. The Risk Register highlights the actions that we have embedded across the entirety of Strata functions, to ensure that we are mitigating against these key risks for the benefits of Strata, our customers and the communities that we work alongside.

The risk areas identified include:

Stakeholder Relations
Sustainable Financing
Business Disruptions

Modern Slavery
Strata People & Culture
Health & Safety Risk
Climate Change – Business Strategy
Climate Change – Developments
Climate Change- Customers
Legal and Regulatory Change & Compliance
Cost of Offsetting

Sustainability Communications

The Strata family are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we put so much energy into ensuring that everyone receives the time, space and information that they need to flourish at Strata.

All team members are invited to attend monthly business updates hosted by CEO Gemma Smith, where progress against key KPIs and business plans are communicated openly. Everyone also has access to an internal Workplace site where team members share updates on the successes and challenges relating to their area of work as well as in their personal lives; creating space for people to stay in the loop about everything at Strata while championing human connection.

Some of these messages include exciting updates on the planning of new developments, the stories of customer journeys, changes to legislation such as Biodiversity Net Gain as well as operational excellence where practices have been implemented to improve quality, environmental impacts or general performance. 

Responsible Procurement

As a homebuilder, we have the potential to positively impact communities more widespread than those we directly operate in. Through our procurement and supply chain activities we are ensuring that we behave responsibly and are working alongside our suppliers and sub-contractors to go on a journey together to create a more sustainable future.

All of our suppliers and subcontractors go through a standardised onboarding process where we collect information and evidence of compliance against specific areas of the Sustainable Procurement Policy. We also look at other criteria specified throughout the procurement process such as Modern Slavery Statements, FSC Chain of Custody certificates and any supply chain job creation agreements. 

These form the initial stages of our internal auditing, where each year we touch base with all of our suppliers to update our records and ensure continued compliance. As part of this process, we continue to assess the risks associated with our supply chain and individual suppliers, collecting additional information where we see fit to ensure that our suppliers are also operating responsibly.

We believe in equal opportunities and supporting local economies which is why we pay the living wage to all our employees and require any contractors to do the same. We follow the prompt payment terms and host monthly supplier drop-in days at our Support Office in Doncaster, to give smaller local businesses the opportunity to connect with Strata on a regular, informal basis. This enables improved communication and engagement, while establishing new relationships and support mechanisms for smaller suppliers and sub-contractors who wish to work with us.

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