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Stakeholder Relations

We have identified our key stakeholders along with the varied ways in which we engage with them on everything Strata, including sustainability, as part of our Stakeholder Engagement Process. This allows us to communicate the right things to each stakeholder group in a way that is meaningful to them.

Sustainable Financing

Our ongoing commitment to sustainability has been demonstrated trough the publication of our Sustainability Strategy: Uplifting places where people can flourish. This, alongside our commitment to delivering an annual Sustainability Report and participation in the Next Generation benchmark, demonstrates our progress and dedication to the delivery of the strategy, something that is essential to secure long-term sustainable finance.

Business Disruption

The impacts of climate change, political instability, conflicts and other large-scale events such as pandemics, can severely disrupt the Strata family, our operations, our supply chains and communities in significant ways. Good governance, effective business planning and disaster planning ensures that we can continue to deliver homes to people and communities that need them, and not at the expense of our sustainability performance during more challenging times.

Climate change
Business Strategy

We understand that climate change is likely going to impact all aspects of Strata operations and have taken a dual approach to manage this for us, and for the wider industry. Internally, we conduct due diligence on all new assets and ensure good governance to provide security against potential risks. In line with Strata values, however, we are focusing our energy on the resources required to collaborate with supply chain and industry contacts to innovate and mitigate against climate change's causes and impacts.

Climate change

Our developments are on the front line of climate risk and must be designed and delivered in a way that accounts for the potential impacts of climate change, while reducing our contributions to the causes of climate change. We conduct certain due diligence checks prior to land acquisition such as Flood Risk Assessments and Intrusive Site Investigations, to ensure that we design developments in a way that they can withstand any potential impacts of climate change. 

We have a variety of processes and policies around Energy & Carbon, Waste Management and Biodiversity & Nature to ensure that we are designing and operating developments responsibly.

Climate change

Delivering homes and developments that are designed to withstand the impacts of climate change is essential to ensure that our customers can enjoy a good quality of life in their homes into the future. As part of our due-diligence checks, developments and homes are assessed for overheating in line with Part O in the Building Regulations. These checks are carried out ahead of land acquisition to allow required adaptations to be made to comply with the regulations and provide a comfortable environment for our customers to live in.

Home design is only half of the story when considering the impacts of climate change on our customers; as a homebuilder we also have a responsibility to ensure that our customers can use the technologies in their homes effectively. Through the delivery of home demonstrations, tailored events and a bespoke hand-over process, we are creating communities who are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to live sustainably. 

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