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Spring trends 2021

Like fashion, interior trends change with the seasons. new things inspire the interior world, often meaning there's a shift in the trends. There's new colours and textures as well as fresh insiration behind the changes. Here' we share exactly what that shift us and what new exciting trends we can expect to see come through this year.

The inspiration

The last year has been an incredibly unprecedented time. We’ve faced new challenges and we’ve all had to adapt to a more simple, slower paced life at home. Our homes have become our base for everything, an office, a school and even a restaurant. Because of that, we have a newfound respect for the outdoors and nature. 

We’re dreaming of a rural, idealistic summer, a chance to escape from home and enjoy being outdoors. Think cracked, dried earth, tree bark, long grass and sand; they’re all a part of the inspiration behind this year’s trends. 

The colour palette

We’re starting to see some really beautiful colours coming through this spring. Keeping that connection to nature, we’ll be seeing a lot of cool, more toned back, neutral shades. From the lighter tones; Onion Skin, Dappled Sun and Sunbaked Brickwork to the much darker ones, Riverbank, Peat and Potters Clay, the colours together are truly beautiful and create a stunning colour palette.

The textures

The textures this year are much more focused on the senses. More contoured and weathered, something you can really touch and feel, like layered linen; it creates the perfect hideaway. It’s simple and unrefined, much like the outside world. 

There’s also a strong focus on sustainability this year with natural dye being 100% sustainable and totally organic. They also reduce C02 emissions meaning the production of the materials is much safer. Onion skin, Avocado stone, Yarrow root and Saffron are just a few natural dyes that we’ll see being used this year. 

Get the look

It’s important that these trends are affordable and easy to achieve in your own home. In more recent years, high street home stores have become more popular and now stock the latest trends. Zara Home has a great range of home pieces as well as a Linen collection, completely sustainable. Places like Matalan and Asda Home are also showing more on trend pieces in their stores, such as cushions, throws and vases.