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Preparing your home for guests this Christmas

We know just how important it is, making sure your home is ready for your visitors to enjoy and so we have given you five top tips to preparing your home for guests this winter.

Hosting family and friends must be one of the most exciting things when it comes to finally owning your own home. You get to play host to your guests and show them just how beautiful your home is. Hosting happens naturally over the year for all kinds of occasions but Christmas, although a little manic, can be when hosting your gang will feel really magical. We know just how important it is, making sure your home is ready for your visitors to enjoy and so we have given you five top tips to preparing your home for guests this winter.

Create a welcoming environment...

First things first, you must make sure your home feels warm and welcoming! Take a minute to think about how you would like a home to feel if you was visiting. If you’re hosting guests in the winter, make sure the heating is on, there’s blankets at the ready and the scented candles are lit. If you’re hosting people in the summer, get the windows and doors open – let the fresh air in and have your favourite, chilled out summer playlist playing in the background.


It’s the small things that your guests will notice, and which will make them feel most welcome. If your visitors are arriving when it’s dark, leave the outside light on, this will show you’re thinking of them and will of course, light the way for them. Again, if it’s summer time, think about putting some lanterns or fairy lights in the garden, it makes the garden feel warm and cosy. Or, if you’re sat inside, warm, low lighting is perfect. It’s nothing too bright and will make sure your guests can relax and enjoy their time in your home.

Prepare your guest bathroom...

Even if you don’t have a designated guest bathroom, it’s important you prepare whichever one your guests will use.

Clean, clean clean. Make sure your bathroom is sparkling and is left smelling beautiful!

Remove all your personal items and used towels. Even if you use your bathroom daily, removing things like your hairbrush, lotions and flannels etc. will make your guests feel like you have made an effort and that this is their space for the time that they’re there.

Fresh cottons! Leave fresh towels, flannels and hand towels out for your guest to use. If you fold them neatly and leave them out, they’ll know which ones to use and wont feel the need to go routing through your airing cupboard trying to find clean and dry ones.

Extra toilet roll… Assume your guests don’t know where things are kept, leave toilet roll in a basket or cupboard under the sink in the bathroom so that it’s to hand, should they need more.   

The guest bedroom...

Make sure the room your guests will be staying in has clean sheets and fresh bedding. There’s nothing better that a lovely made bed for your guests to fall into, especially if they have been travelling for a long time to get to you. Make sure, there are extra blankets and pillows too! Lastly, open to window to let fresh air in before they arrive, just to leave the room feeling fresh.


Food and drink, keep em' coming...

Place little dishes of savoury and sweet treats around the room that you’ll be spending the evening in. It’s great to have something that your guests can help themselves to whilst chatting or watching a film etc. It takes the awkwardness away from them asking for something to eat and instead opens up an opportunity to help themselves. Make sure their drinks are always topped up too! It may be that you set up a drinks station with lots of options for them to choose from or, you just keep an eye on their drink and ask when/if they’d like a refill.

Each of these tips will ensure your guests have the most amazing time at your home and will of course leave you feeling like the hostess with the mostess!