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Out in the open

One of the biggest trends of 2019 that has transitioned into 2020 is open shelving. Why? Well, it increases storage, it makes your kitchen look lighter, brighter and more open, shelves become easier to organise and it’s a very inexpensive way to mix up your kitchen without ripping the whole thing out. Here are 5 reasons why you should ditch the cupboards and embrace open shelving!

Increase storage

Kitchen cupboards can be a tricky one, the space isn’t always fit for purpose and sometimes means you’re not filling them to capacity. They also look chunky and unattractive at times and can make your kitchen look smaller than what it is. Open shelving solves your storage solutions and gives you more space to store the contents of your kitchen like plates, dried foods and those mugs that are too pretty to hide in  cupboard!

Makes it brighter

Your kitchen can feel closed in when you have cupboards, they can block the natural light and make your kitchen feel dark and small. Open shelving can leave your kitchen looking and feeling lighter and brighter.


Easier to organise

Above everything else, open shelving is convenient! It becomes so much easier when you’re searching for something or wanting to put something back. You can see where it belongs and instantly saves time rather than having to re-shuffle your cupboards.


We all know that your kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms to redecorate. With new styles coming through all the time it’s easy to become board of your kitchen and to feel like your current décor is outdated. Ripping out your top kitchen cupboards and replacing them with open shelving is a really inexpensive way of changing up your kitchen.

Dust isn't a big deal

The biggest block for anyone considering open shelving is the dust. You’ll find that the contents of your shelf aren’t on there long enough for the dust to settle. And a wipe down of your shelves once a month would be more than enough to maintain the cleanliness.