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Our top 5 storage solutions

Our top five storage solutions that will help you mask the mess in the most stylish way. 

Storage is one of the most important things to consider when buying a home. You want it to be subtle, but at the same time you also want there to be plenty of it. Finding the right storage can be a hard, especially when you’re design focused, you want to find something that will fit with the rest of your interiors whilst helping you mask your mess. We’ve discovered five storage solutions that will do just that. 

Shelves galore

Shelving is the most obvious but also the most effective way of storing things in your home. Whether they are open or closed shelves, Scandinavian or industrial, they all serve their purpose whilst still managing to inject style into your home. And if you’re worried it might look untidy, using open shelving to help store your things, then why not buy refillable bottles and jars to help make things look a little neater.

Sideboard heaven

Sideboards for most people, are a staple piece of furniture for the lounge. Not only do they look great and for the most part, provide a home for your TV, they also give you lots and lots of storage. You can hide anything you want in your sideboard, from DVD’s to remotes, and the best part? Your lounge is still left looking stylish.

Baskets for everyone

Baskets are the perfect storage solution, especially if you have a minimalistic style. They are perfect for storing magazines, blankets, throws and even toilet roll (a small basket holding your toilet rolls can look great in the corner of your bathroom) They’re simple, effective and can give you a softer storage alternative to boxes and shelving.

Clever coffee tables

Coffee tables themselves can be great for storing your favourite candle, vase and this months issue of Ideal Home, but some are a little more clever providing extra storage space that you can’t necessarily see. Coffee tables with drawers are a simple solution to more storage space but there are also some coffee tables that come with a hinged lid that allows you to store things inside the table. We love smart storage and multipurpose furniture is always great for smaller spaces.

Raise the bed

Under bed storage is one most effective ways of storing your things. It doesn’t take up any additional space from your room and keeps and it keeps everything looking clean and tidy. Some beds have drawers built into them, but if not, you an buy shallow draws that will slide out from under your bed. It’s the perfect solution for small rooms.