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Karl’s Interior Design Trend Guide

Karl, Lead Creative at Dapa Interiors has been working with us to discuss the current and future trends that are paving the way in the Interior Design Industry.

What are trends and how are they gaged so far in advance?

Forecasters work hard to research and identify social, cultural, ethical or environmental shifts, and how they are likely to affect future consumer behaviour.

By identifying the source, tracing the evolution, and recognising patterns of trends, forecasters are able to provide designers and brands with a ‘vision’ of the future. The designers then work hard to focus this creativity on how these visions can be applied to interior design. This process, can identify incorporating products, colour, material and much more. 

Trend 1: Colours inspired by nature.

A huge and massively important factor in our lives is protecting our planet. From draughts to flash floods, these everchanging climates can drastically influence our lives and interior design choices. As we turn our attention to more nature inspired colours such as burnt orange shades found in draughts to rich, inky blues in the ocean, we can easily take inspiration from these colours and incorporate them into our interior design schemes. 

These colours can influence a whole scheme or alternatively can be incorporated through small injections of colour found in accessories such as a vase or a cushion.

Trend 2: The influence of water.

Water covers 80% of the planet and is present in so many ways in our life. Never before has it been such a hot topic and our relationship with water has never been more prominent . Blue oceans offer relaxation and escapism and yet on the flip side we can also draw attention to valuable the oceans are to us and the vital need to protect them.

There is no doubt that water has massively influenced the interior design industry. From the way it makes us feel to the impact the oceans have on our planet, there is no avoiding this prominent trend.

The influence of water can be incorporated into an interior design scheme through texture, for example taking inspiration from the ripples of a wave or by the relaxing reflection of light that water offers. This can be incorporated into a home through some abstract art, a textured vase or even simply through colours.

Trend 3. Darks can be neutrals too.

It is no secret that neutrals have been a huge trend in the interior design world. From calming greys to warm and sandy neutrals, this trend is certainly here to stay. However, one set of neutrals that are often overlooked are the darker tones such as deep charcoal or rich greens. 

Incorporating darker neutral tones into your home is a great way of adding depth to your interior scheme. We love the look of painting each wall (and even the ceiling!) in a darker colour to create a sense of depth and cosiness. However if this feels too daunting at first, adding a feature wall in a darker colour is also a quick and easy way of stepping over to the dark side. Another great and low cost way of introducing darker tones into your home is by incorporating different tones through textiles and accessories such as cushions, vases and smaller accent furniture. 

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