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Interior trends for Autumn and Winter

Interior trends are always changing, whether it’s a new colour coming into the mix, pampas grass making a major comeback or just seasonal additions in the form of pumpkins and wreaths, we’re always changing the things in our homes to reflect the latest trends. We’ve listed just three trends that will keep your home on trend this autumn/winter.

Change with the seasons

Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons to accessorize your home with pumpkins, wreaths and twinkly lights. Don’t be afraid to change with the seasons and switch up your home accessories. Pumpkins don’t have to just be a decoration for your doorstep, make the most out of them and create a centrepiece for your table or a display for your around your fireplace. For Christmas, fill your home with wreaths, pine cones and warm fairy lights. This will give you an instant cosy vibe and make sure you are more than ready for the colder mornings!

Layers and layers

Fill your home with layers, layers and more layers! Not only does this make your home feel instantly more relaxed and cosy but it’s also incredibly functional for when you’re settling down in front of the TV on those cold, dark evenings. Chunky throws and cushions add texture and depth to a room making it feel warmer and more inviting.  

Matte black everything

Matte black is the ultimate autumn winter shade. This set against taupe walls and surrounded by neutral tones and textures makes any room feel instantly relaxed. You can go as big or as little as you want in terms of how many matte black accessories you add to your home. Go big with a matte black chair or coffee table or be more subtle with hints of matte black through industrial style shelves or wall lights and pendants.