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How to freshen up your home for the New Year

We’ve gathered five top tips to refreshing your home without getting the paint brushes out!

Your home after the festive period can feel pretty dull and bare. Take away the Christmas tree and cosy fairy lights and you suddenly feel like you need to redecorate your entire home. We’ve gathered five top tips to refreshing your home without getting the paint brushes out!

Revamp your coffee table

Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference. If you don’t want to go out and buy new accessories, try shopping your home for some fresh pieces to put on your coffee table. Top tip: Try grouping things together in three’s that are at different heights. It’s known that ornaments displayed in an odd number is more pleasing to the eye.

Switch up your shelves

Most shelves are forgotten about once they’ve been styled, the accessories gather dust and are rarely touched unless you’re taking them down. Try switching them up, moving things around or adding new bits in. Sometimes a new picture frame or candle can be all it needs to brighten it up.

De-clutter your home

Rooms in your home can often become cluttered after Christmas. You suddenly have to find room for all of the gifts you received over Christmas and naturally things get dumped in different rooms. Try and have a clear out and de-clutter your home. It will instantly make your home look and feel fresher and cleaner and you know what they say, a tidy house, tidy mind!

Add a gallery wall

Why not try adding a few frames to the wall? Whether it’s the latest set of family photos or a few pieces of art, sometimes all your home needs is a bit of character and a personal touch. Gallery walls are great for being creative whilst also injecting a bit of fun into your home.

Throws, throws and more throws

Staple pieces of furniture can be expensive no matter what time of year you buy them  but especially just after Christmas. If you’re wanting to freshen up your home with a new sofa or chair, why not buy a throw instead? Throws are the perfect, cheaper alternative, it can freshen up and update the look of your sofa in an instance without having to spend a fortune!