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How to create the perfect feature wall

Feature walls continue to be a key design trend in 2019. They can be adapted to suit any interior scheme and is a timeless interior trend. Here's our tips for creating the perfect feature wall in your home.

The first step

The first step to creating a unique feature wall is to identify the wall that’s going to stand out in its own way, not necessarily by being the largest or the one you’re looking at the most, but the one that isn’t going to be obscured by furniture to spoil the effect. You also need to make sure the wall you are going to paint, has plaster of the highest quality. It needs to be smooth so that it doesn’t spoil the effect, and all that hard work!



It’s not just patterned wallpaper that can make a great feature. Textured wallpaper or even paint can work too. Craig and Rose have a fantastic range of rustic-effect paints that will add lots of interest, while wood-textured wallpapers create more of a calming look. A feature wall doesn’t even have to have one stand-out colour. Using floating shelves, where you can display anything from your favourite Cactus plant to your best smelling candle, is another great way of creating a focal point.



Another way of creating a striking accent wall is to make them look wider and taller. Whatever wall you paint, try painting the skirting boards the exact same colour. This will lengthen the wall making it appear taller, making it a great feature. This works with any colour but particularly your darker colours – don’t be afraid to experiment with your darker hues.

Branch out

Feature walls aren’t just for your living room or bedroom. Branch out and create a feature wall in your kitchen or bathroom too. Tiles are great for creating a focal point, they hold plenty of texture and create effects such as wood and stone, perfect for making a statement.


You don’t even have to use paint or wallpaper to create a feature, wall art or printed canvas’ are perfect for creating an alternative feature too. And if you’re indecisive or prone to changing things, artwork is the perfect feature wall as they can be there for as long as you want.