Freshen up your home without breaking the bank

We've got five easy style updates that will change your home for the better without costing a fortune. 

It's hard trying to keep on top of the styling and decorating in your new home, especially in the new year when you don't necessarily have the extra money to spend on updating your home. We’ve got five easy style updates that will change your home for the better without costing a fortune.

Add a character piece of furniture to a room

Mix up your living room furniture and add a funky sideboard or change up your bed side tables. Pick a style that will work with almost any scheme and change up the accessories to compliment this new statement piece.

Paint a cosy colour panel

Change up the colour palette in your room and add a dark cosy colour to the bottom half of your walls. Pick a colour that you wouldn’t usually choose, go outside of your comfort zone and experiment with colours; it sometimes leaves you with the best results!

Reclaim your old wood

Whether it's a floating shelf, table or make shift vanity unit, make use of your old wood, get creative and try your hand at something new. It may pay off and not only mean you’ve recycled your wood, you’ve also created something from scratch for your home.

Lay a statement rug

Add a pop of colour or some varied texture with a new rug. It will instantly change up your room and for very little cost. Rugs are perfect for bringing a room to life, and it’s also perfect for creating zones around your home, especially in rooms that have multiple uses such as a kitchen, dining and family room. It allows you to zone the room off while still keeping it open and letting the light flood the room entirely.  

Mix up your bedding sets

Change up your bedding and mix patterns, colours or textures to create a statement without having to change the fixtures and fittings of your room. Bedding is such a quick win, and with lots of different colours coming into the mix all the time it’s super easy to switch it up, add different layers and textures and make your bed the focus of your bedroom.