Children’s room inspiration

There is something so magical about planning the design for your little ones bedroom, you often catch yourself imagining how the space will shape their future and if it will match their personality as they grow and develop over the years. Children’s rooms are the perfect place for you to get creative and have fun when planning your room design. You almost can’t go wrong…the more playful the better!

Nursery Inspiration

Planning your nursery is such a special time, it is the room that you spend months planning and searching the internet for room inspiration before your little bundle of joy even arrives. Not to mention the hours that you will spend with your little one within the coming years.

We are absolutely loving Josie’s nursery from @ThehousofJandJ. Josie is one of our lovely customers who lives in an Oporto, a four bedroom home spaced out over three floors. The sage green panelling paired with the natural wood accents such as the cot and the mobile create such a calm and relaxed feel, perfect for trying to get your little one to sleep!

Girls Bedroom

Little girl's bedrooms are the perfect place to push the boundaries and get creative with colours and textures, such as the children’s room in our Rosas at Identity for example. 

Here we created a hand painted mural on the wall using a variety of pink and orange shades, no rules, just creative freedom! The colourful bedding paired with the accent star cushion creates a girly and playful feel whilst still keeping a cosy atmosphere to the room.

Top Tip: Try to consider encouraging a neutral theme which you can adapt and change as your child grows over the years. This saves you money on having to redecorate so often and is also more eco friendly, win win!

Twin Room

If you have a twin children’s room, it can sometimes be difficult to style a room to cater for two different personalities, especially if you are creating a shared room with different aged siblings. 

We recommend dividing the room into two so that you can create a different zone for each child and style the room accordingly whilst still maintaining a cohesive design by keeping a similar style of furniture. The twin room found within the Vienna at our Anthem development is the perfect example of this. We made sure to create a room that had a similar overarching style by using the same headboards but slightly changing bed by incorporating different accessories such as a unicorn cushion on one bed and a lion cushion on the other to create a more ‘boyish’ feel.

Boys Room

When it comes to designing a little boy's bedrooms, the opportunities are endless. We recommend creating a theme that your child is interested in and taking inspiration from there for example the ocean or farming. 

Once you have a certain theme in mind, try incorporating similar colours to match the theme. For example, the Children’s room within the Oporto at Promise has a nautical theme so we have added a mixture of blue and grey tones.

For accessories, try adding décor pieces that are influenced by the aspects of the theme rather than worrying about each décor piece matching perfectly. Take the below picture as an example, for the nautical theme we added a crab shelf and a net as a decorative accessory rather than adding harsher décor and furniture such as a matching boat themed furniture set.