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Low Carbon Performance

Low Carbon Performance

Get out what you put in. And then some.

Due to the methods of construction and fabrics used, our low carbon homes are on average 30% more energy efficient compared to traditional build methods.

Due to the use of solar PV panels and battery storage, our low carbon homes have the capability to be run almost exclusively on self-generated power. Pair that with the modern methods of construction and smart technology increasing the energy efficiency by 30%; increasing energy prices will be a thing of the past.

Performance See how the average running costs of a low carbon home shape up.
Standard Five Bedroom Home
Low Carbon Five Bedroom Home
Total monthly cost
Mortgage* £2,300
Water £50
Gas & Electric £378
Council tax £228
Broadband £20

*based on 10% deposit. These prices are an average estimate

Energy costs are based on average use and may differ depending on house type and lifestyle.

How new homes compare
1900 Homes built pre 1900, also known as Victorian properties, are often the least energy efficient due to build methods, materials and lack of regulation.
  • Average EPC rating: E
  • Average annual energy bill: £2460
  • Often have old heating systems
  • No cavity wall or loft insulation

Old properties are 65% less energy efficient than new build homes, and 95% less energy efficient than low carbon homes.

1980 New regulations have improved the energy efficiency of properties build in the 1980s to present day.
  • Average EPC rating: C
  • Average annual energy cost: £1632
  • Cavity wall and loft insulation installed
  • Newer boilers and heating systems

New build homes are 65% more energy efficient than older homes, but 30% less energy efficient than low carbon homes.

2020 Modern methods of construction are now enabling low carbon homes to be made accessible to everyone.
  • Average EPC rating: A
  • Average annual energy cost: £276
  • Generates its own energy
  • Built to heat efficiently and reduce loss

Low carbon homes are 30% more efficient than today's new build homes and 95% more efficient than older homes.

“The most important thing for me is the living environment that you give to a customer. It's fresher, it's cleaner and the health benefits alone will be huge. I’m immensely proud of what we have achieved so far."

Vernon Cunningham, Chief Operating Officer

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