Loundsley Green, Chesterfield, S40 9ER

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Low carbon homes in Chesterfield

Surrounded by 38 acres of stunning protected woodlands, Purity is a collection of contemporary new low carbon homes in Loundsley Green, Chesterfield.

Made from 100% timber, these modern and luxurious homes offer more than just an elevated curb appeal.

These homes are designed to be clever, making it easier than ever to reduce environmental impact whilst enriching your life in the process. 

Smart technologies within the home adapt to your way of life, overtime learning your routines and preferences to reduce energy usage and bring down utility bills. 

Water will be heated only when it’s needed, light switch sensors attune to the natural rhythms of your day, and the construction means a more energy efficient. Lower running costs mean higher living standards and a reduced carbon footprint to help protect the environment.

Energy efficiency
Smarter living
Oustanding specification
Benefits of low carbon

Energy efficiency

Due to the methods of construction and fabrics used, our low carbon homes are on average 30% more energy efficient compared to traditional build methods.

Smarter living

Smart technology intuitively adapts to your unique needs, learning over time about the way you live and adjusting accordingly to reduce energy costs and waste.

Oustanding specification

Oustanding as standard. Quality kitchen and appliances, contemporary sanitaryware, and triple glazed windows are all included as standard.


The government target is to to be gas-less in new build homes by 2025. With a low carbon home, you're already there.

Timber Frames

The low carbon homes we build are sustainable to the foundation. Our production method reduces carbon emissions throughout the lifecycle of the home, from fabrication, through build, running and eventual removal. Timber frames are the key material, and what little waste there is, due to our quality control process during production, is sent to fuel the onsite biomass energy plant.

More Efficient Build

The closed panels remain completely dry during the build process, reducing water usage and minimising the need for snagging post move, which is kinder to our planet and makes for a better customer experience. It also enables a more efficient build: we can complete a new low carbon home within seven to ten weeks, half the time of a comparable traditionally built home.

Embedded Technology

These homes are clever, not complicated, designed to enrich lives by making it easy to reduce environmental impact. Smart technology intuitively adapts to your unique needs over time about the way you live and adjusting accordingly to reduce energy costs and waste. Water will be heated only when it’s needed, light switch sensors attune to the natural rhythms of the day, and the construction method means a warmer home. Lower running costs mean higher living standards.

FAQs Read the questions we get asked the most about our low carbon homes
Can I get a mortgage on a low carbon home?
Lee Cardwell, from Mortgage Advice Bureau, says: Yes, you can and in particular green mortgages. As the method of construction is different then this will rule some lenders out but as time passes there will be more and more lenders coming to the market and offering better schemes for Green mortgages such as lower rates, cash incentives, lower fees etc. With a noticeable growth in public environmental concern in recent years and the government’s commitment to achieving an EPC rating of C or above on all domestic properties by 2035, the demand for Green Mortgages is increasing quickly.
How do low carbon homes perform compared to traditional homes?
The energy efficiency performance of a low carbon home compared to a traditional build home would depend on the size and build method used. For example, our five bedroom detached low carbon homes in Chesterfield offer an average of 30% more energy efficiency compared to the same home designs build using traditional methods and materials.
What is the difference between an eco house and a low carbon home?
Eco houses and low carbon homes are not so dissimilar; they both have the same aim in mind, which is to reduce their impact on the environment both during and post build. Eco house is a broad term which refers to a home built with the aim of reducing energy consumption and water use, and is often built using local materials to reduce carbon emissions during transport. A low carbon home produces and often stores it's own energy, resulting in low carbon emissions being produced in the running of the home, including heating the home and hot water, powering electrical appliances and more.
Where are you building low carbon homes?
Our latest low carbon homes are currently available at Loundsley Green, Chesterfield. Our exclusive collection of 15 homes at Purity comprises of five bedroom detached designs, all low carbon homes, and surrounded by 38 acres of protected woodland. Book a viewing today to find out more.