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Things to do in Nottingham

Brimming with arts, culture, ghost walks, the famous Sherwood Forest and allegedly the oldest pub in England, Nottingham is a great place to buy your first home, or to settle down in. 

Our expertise moves beyond the house-building process, as we know what each area offers for contemporary homeowners. So alongside knowing the best places to live in Nottingham, we have a wealth of knowledge about the fun things to do in Nottingham, too, for when you move here. And our homes in Bilsborough allow you to enjoy the wonder of staying home. 

But when you want to step outside your front door and explore, what activities and sights are there to do (and see) nearby, in the city centre and beyond? Find out by reading our extensive list, below.

Fun things to do in Nottingham

There are so many different things to do in Nottingham, from Nottingham Castle, enriched with 1,000 years of history, to discovering artefacts centered around Robin Hood, who is known to have roamed around Sherwood Forest.

These are the places in Nottingham you must visit:

Enjoy a drink at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Venture to Brewhouse Yard in Nottingham and take a seat at what’s claimed to be the oldest pub in England, dating back to (approximately) 1189. 

This rustic pub is filled with history, featuring a courtyard to relax and dine in with friends and family, or for an entertaining solo trip. Filled with character, due to its long history, this is one of the best things to do in Nottingham, whether you already live here, plan to live here or are just visiting. 

What to do in Nottingham city centre?

Nottingham city centre is filled with exciting things to do, here are some of the best:

Visit Highfields Park

Part of Nottingham University, Highfields Park is popular with those residing near and far. This Grade II listed park is loved by all, and it’s free, making this one of the fun things to do in Nottingham that’s cost-effective. 

With car parking available on-site, you’re able to head here with a group of friends or the whole family, for a pleasurable day out over the weekends. 

These are the fun things you can do at Highfields Park in Nottingham:

  • Feed the ducks and embrace the beauty of this park’s nature.
  • Rent a rowing boat with friends and sail across the lake.
  • Relax by the lake with a picnic and admire the wildlife.
  • Take your dog for a leisurely walk in nature and enjoy the fresh air.
  • Explore Nottingham Lakeside Arts which features here, spanning from performances to art installations and more. 
  • Visit the children’s playground with your little ones for an adventurous afternoon.

Immerse yourself in history at Newstead Abbey

If you’re looking for things to do in Nottingham, Newstead Abbey should be at the top of your list. Also known as the poet, Lord Byron’s ancestral home, Newsted Abbey is a historical, green site for all to enjoy. Simply venture here over weekends, or when friends come to visit you in your new home.

Enjoy visiting this museum and art gallery filled with ancient artefacts, regarding Byron’s history there and this spot’s cultural significance.

These are some of the things you can do when you visit:

  • Share afternoon tea with a loved one and admire the beautiful grounds as you dine.
  • Rent a boat to see the abbey’s different angles and surrounding nature.
  • Enjoy seasonal activities with loved ones, from crafts fairs to local music and art events.

Skate at the National Ice Centre

Take the children, your partner, or your friends to Nottingham’s National Ice Centre for an adventurous day out, or to even begin a journey into a new hobby. This ice skating rink takes just over 10 minutes by tram, foot, or bus from Nottingham city centre. It’s also perfect for children’s parties or an adventure-filled day out with friends. 

What to do near Nottingham?

As well as fun things to do in Nottingham city centre, there is plenty to do in the surrounding areas, which is especially helpful if you plan on moving to the outskirts of this metropolis. Here are some of our favourites:

Explore Hockley’s magical atmosphere

Hockley is a great spot for bohemian bars and restaurants, welcoming all walks of life, serving delicious drinks, and offering a place for homeowners to relax, socialise and dine. This Nottingham neighbourhood is loved by professionals, students and couples alike.

Take a stroll to Wollaton Park

Wollaton Park is a brilliant space for homeowners to ramble across, enjoy a picnic or explore the outdoors. Praised for its large population of deer, it’s here you can spot these beautiful creatures while strolling across the grass, enjoying a picnic or playing sports on the tennis courts, cricket fields and football pitches.

Getting to Wollaton Park is easy, thanks to Nottingham’s expansive transport system. So if you’re visiting Wollaton Park from one of our new homes in Bilborough, it will take around a 15-minute drive to reach this site. Alternatively, if you’re heading here from Nottingham city centre, it will take approximately 35 minutes by bus, or just over 15 minutes to reach by car.

Spot wildlife at Attenborough Nature Reserve

Attenborough Nature Reserve is one of the great, fun things to do in Nottingham for all age groups. Whether you’re a family, a single homeowner or living with friends, this nature site is filled with promise. 

These are the highlights of visiting Attenborough Nature Reserve: 

  • See the serene nature and wildlife and enjoy a restful break away from your local area.
  • Known for its extensive birdlife, you can visit ‘bird hides’ and admire different species, from Hoopoe to Whinchat.
  • Working from home is even more enjoyable with Attenborough Nature Reserve situated nearby. Venture here during the day as a welcome respite from your screen.
  • Enjoy a bite to eat with those you’re with at the on-site café.
  • Spend evenings walking your dog and meeting friends amongst the greenery.

And there you have it; these are the best places to enjoy adventures in this thriving city. Now you’ve discovered the different things to do in Nottingham, the thought of moving to this affluent area will feel even more exciting.

Now it’s time to explore our collection of new homes in Nottingham and beyond and further read housing news over on our blog, touching on everything from other local area guides to sustainable living articles.