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The key to an organised kitchen

Organising your kitchen can feel like an impossible task. There’s almost too much to think about and the will to transform your kitchen from chaos to clean is almost non-existent but with these helpful tips, we think we can help you create a perfectly organised space for you to enjoy.

Tucked away

Do you have an awkward alcove in your kitchen? A tricky space that you never know what to do with? Well, you have a ready made storage area. Add shelves for your bottles and jars, use any floor space you have for extra storage, add wicker baskets for your spices and other dry ingredients. Making use of every bit of space in your kitchen means you have more cupboard space which is always welcome!

All sorted

Glass canisters, Kilner jars and baskets are about to become your best friend! The most important thing to think about when organising your kitchen is accessibility.  You should know where everything is, and it should be easy to get to. Your dry ingredients are the easiest to organise; buy jars for your pasta, lentils, grains and cereal and keep your herbs, eggs and veg in baskets. This method is great for open shelving, it helps keep the contents of your kitchen clutter free while still being on trend.  

Refill hour

There’s added benefit to swapping your plastic packaging for glass containers. Not only does it look great, you could also do your bit to save the environment. Source your local zero waste shop and take your glass containers with you to fill them up with everything from pasta to herbs (the price is dependent on weight). It’s a great way to help reduce your use of plastic and also helps your local community.


Just because it’s hidden behind a door doesn’t mean it can’t be organised too. Draw dividers are perfect for organising your utensils. Whether it’s wicker baskets, acrylic trays or metal plate dividers they all help keep your drawers neat and tidy. They require little maintenance and are great for separating cutlery, cooking utensils and other bits and bobs you keep in your kitchen drawers.

Basket love

Finally, we just wanted to share our love for baskets. We think they’re the holy grail of organisation, especially for your kitchen. They’re perfect for storing your veg, herbs, sauces and any other ingredient that needs a home. They work on open shelving as well as in draws and cupboards. Not only are they super handy they’re also on trend – what more could you need?