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The benefits of reserving new build homes early

Did you know you can reserve your choice of stunning new build homes in Leeds for just £100? Discover the benefits of reserving your Strata plot early.

Choosing a new home  is a huge and exciting step in your journey to becoming a homeowner. With plenty of Strata developments in and around Leeds, we’re thrilled to be building lots of new homes in the next few years – and that’s why now is the perfect time to reserve your pick of our stunning homes in Leeds for just £100. But it might seem a bit over keen to reserve your home so far in advance – so just what are the benefits of reserving a plot so early?

You don't have to pay your deposit right away

We know the deposit on a new house is a big investment. So if you’re still saving, but you want the reassurance of knowing your dream house will be there in a couple of years, reserve a home. You won’t pay your deposit until a date much closer to the house being finished, so you can focus on saving or getting other big life plans out of the way while your Strata home is being developed.

 Reserving your Strata home early is perfect for forward-planners, or anyone who really wants to put their own stamp on their home. If you love the look of our new build homes in Leeds, then reserve your dream home online now, for just £100. 


One of the great things about buying a new build home is that you get a say in how your home is built. With all Strata homes, when you reserve a house 6 months or more in advance, you can buy a new build home ‘off plan’, which means you get to fully personalise your new home. Working with the Strata design team, you’ll choose fixtures and fittings from world-class suppliers, and we’ll help you to really put your own stamp on your home. We want you to make it yours – you can choose your perfect kitchen layout, and pick from a range of luxurious floor coverings, tiles, appliances, fitted wardrobes and more. Using tools like our configurator, you can even visualise your dream home before you ever set foot inside.

Once your home is reserved, we’ll invite you for a consultation with our Strata design team, and we’ll help you to visualise your home so you can start dreaming of the day you’ll move in.

Peace of mind

Whether you’re buying your first home or moving to a bigger house to suit your lifestyle, reserving a plot ahead of time can give you peace of mind. If you know you’ll want to move house within a few years, but you’re not quite ready to move just yet, reserving a plot gives you peace of mind.

Reserving a house might also help you to get a foot on the ladder in the area you want. Within a few year’s time, it might be harder to find the house you want in the in-demand areas where we build our homes, like our Identity and Kudos developments in East Leeds. By reserving a home here now, you’re making sure that there’ll be a home ready and waiting for you when it’s time to make your move.   

First choice of the plot you want

If you reserve a plot in a development that’s still underway, you can often choose the exact plot you want. Do you love throwing BBQs for the whole family in summer? Are you a keen gardener ready to grow your dream flower garden? Then pick a plot with a south-facing garden to get the most of the sunshine. Fancy a house on the outside of the development? Take your pick. Reserving your Strata home early means you’re more likely to get the plot you want, for just £100.