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As part of our ongoing relationship with the primary school local to our Cherish development in Shirland we engage directly with key contacts at the school to understand how we at Strata can support them, their pupils and the local community through collaborations and initiatives.

In 2023 we donated some materials from site to support the installation of a small sensory room within the school. This met the needs of the school and their pupils who now use the space to develop personal senses and communication skills.

Our match funding of the schools Christmas Fayre in December allowed the school and community to come together at the school to celebrate during the festive season and enjoy food, entertainment and activities as a community.

The Fayre raised total of £1,653.48, raised from a variety of stalls including a Rainbow Raffle, where all pupils contribute something of their designated colour and see the hampers come together in a rainbow of colour.

The Barrow of Booze was also contributed to by the parents, with the barrow itself a donation from Markovitz Builders. The event had a great turnout, with families of the pupils and the wider community coming along to support the fundraising efforts. The funds raised will help to contribute towards wellbeing activities such as school trips, therapy Lego, as well as rewards for various celebrations throughout the year. This has allowed the school to continue to support their diverse pupils in a meaningful way.

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