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Diesel generators are typically used to power our sites during the early stages of the build process, which can contribute a significant amount of carbon to the environment, in addition to the noise pollution for those living in close proximity to the machinery.

In April 2023 we began a trial in partnership with Power Saving Solutions, to find an alternative source of power for site operations, in a bid to reduce diesel consumption. The trial is currently coming to an end at our Kudos development in Leeds, where using a silent, battery powered unit called ‘The HUSSH POD 30/45’, we were able to power our site offices, welfare & compound area. 

This technology works by using the energy generated by the traditional diesel generator to charge the battery unit, which in turn provides power for site operations, reducing the operating hours and volume of fuel consumed by the generator.

When the time comes to review the data, we’re confident that not only will the trial have resulted in reduced carbon emissions and diesel usage compared to traditional diesel generators, it will also have significantly reduced noise pollution for nearby residents, creating a safer and healthier environment while we continue to build homes in the community.

Additional environmental benefits may arise from combining this trial with another trial, whereby we use HVO as an alternative to white diesel. This is currently being rolled out across a handful of Strata sites with the aim to further reduce carbon associated with the production of our homes.

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