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8 Interior design rules to live by

Interior design can seem complex, it’s a gift to be able to create a space that transforms your home and turns it into something beautiful. Often people have a vision of what they want their home to look like but can’t put the pieces together to achieve the look. Here we share our top 8 interior rules to live by. Once you have these rules, you’ll be able to transform any space!  

1. Create space

It’s important to create space when positioning your furniture so that the room doesn’t feel small and cluttered. If you find you’re having to squeeze past something and can’t easily walk through or around a room then the furniture you have is too big. For example, your sofa’s should have plenty of room around them. Your coffee table should be at least two thirds of the length of the sofa, it’s important it all looks in proportion. 

2. Statement piece 

Every room needs a statement piece. Something that will make an impact when you walk into the room, whether it’s a large piece of furniture, a bright pop of colour, stunning artwork or a feature wall. It’s something guests will comment on when they walk into the room. 

3. Lots of layers 

It’s important you incorporate layers into every room. Layering simply means gathering a mix of fabrics, colour, patterns and textures together to create a warm and comforting atmosphere. Think carefully about what fabrics and colours go well together, look at your colour palette for that room and go from there. 

4. Hang artwork 

Artwork comes in lots of forms, whether it’s a traditional framed piece, an abstract canvas or a macramé wall hanging, they all add to a room giving it character and depth. Most pieces of artwork should be hung at eye level, as it’s there for us to enjoy after all. However, if you’re wanting to create a gallery wall or hang something above your bed or on a high shelf, then of course the eye level rule is an exception. 

5. Add mirrors 

It’s so important to include mirrors in your home. Not only are they incredibly functional and have a place in most rooms in the house, they also reflect light, making the room appear bigger. You can also turn your mirror into a statement piece, whether you choose to have a large mirror, a gallery wall made up of small mirrors or a vintage design that will draw people’s attention, they’re a great piece to experiment with.  

6. The right light 

Making sure your home is exposed to plenty of natural daylight is essential. Not only does it show your home in the best light but it’s also great for your mental and physical health. However, this can prove quite tricky once we’ve entered the winter months. This is when the lighting becomes really important. Warm lighting, candles and downlights will create the right mood for a cosy, winter evening on the sofa. 

7. Shapes 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with shapes in your home. Lots of the furniture in our lounge and bedrooms are quite bulky in size with lots of square and rectangle shapes. Try breaking this up by adding a round mirror or rug. Look for circular wall hangings or artwork featuring geometric shapes. Adding shapes with softer edges will break up the room and not make it feel too chunky. 

8. Step back 

With any project you do, it’s always beneficial to step back every once in a while, and really study the space in front of you. Does there feel like there’s something missing? Or maybe you feel like there’s too much furniture? Step away and look at the rom from a distance, that way you’ll be able to see if something doesn’t quite fit in the space or if it needs something adding to make the room complete. This is your home so it’s important you take your time and create a space you’ll love spending time in.