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Five minutes with: Nathalie Schwer

5 minutes

Creative Stylist Nathalie takes a coffee break with us to talk all things interior. 

Last year we had the pleasure of working with Nathalie Schwer, one of Copenhagen’s top creative stylists, on our brand film and photo shoot. Between takes, we took a coffee break with Nathalie to catch up on the busy life of a creative stylist and get her thoughts on how to bring a touch of Scandi style into any home. 

Nathalie is originally from Copenhagen, but she has had the travel bug from a young age and went on to study in interior architecture in Barcelona, followed by a year in New York. While she has settled back into life in her home town of Copenhagen now, she still travels a lot for work, with projects taking her from Milan, to Paris, to London and more. “I have always loved travelling. My father is Irish and we have family in South Africa so I have never been shy of exploring the world. And so, having a job where I get to see so many new places and an array of colourful characters and beautiful, talented people is my absolute dream,” says Nathalie. 
“My apartment in Copenhagen is filled with beautiful pieces, some old and some new, that make me happy and feel grounded. Because I travel so much it’s so important for me to have a place that I can return to that brings me back to earth and keeps my feet planted firmly on the ground. It rebalances and reenergisers me.” 

A stylist’s life 

Although she studies as an interior architecture, she soon found that her heart wasn’t in the detail and strict rules of architecture. “I much prefer doing more creative work, more abstract,” she muses. “I do still love and appreciate architecture, but I must admit that I enjoy the senses of freedom that comes with styling. With architecture, there are lots of rules that you have to adhere to, whereas with styling it feels as if there are no limits and I can be as creative and free as I want. 

“As a stylist, I get to work with so many different subjects, from fashion and interiors to more large-scale spaces. I recently worked with a tech festival, deciding their identity and helping them stratergise how to use their space. I also work with music festivals and cultural events, there are just so many possibilities, no two days are the same!” says Nathalie. “I don’t really mind if it’s a couch or a model in front of me, I just see the picture and the composition or the story; it’s very much a story telling exercise what I do.” 

As one of Copenhagen’s top creative stylists, Nathalie has been brought in on a numbe of projects, from fashion photoshoots to interior concepts. When remembering her work over the years, one stands out as her favourite. “The Cereal Abode at Greenwich peninsula was so much fun to work on. It’s a showcase apartment and the brief was to encapsulate Cereal magazines DNA as well as creating a cultural focus on Greenwich and what the area has to offer, by creating a cool factor. I loved working with Cereal’s style merged with my own vision of the apartment. London has such a buzz about it and I always enjoy working there,” says Nathalie. 

Coming home 

At home, Nathalie’s interior design reflects her passion for art and culture and reflects her Scandinavian roots. “My apartment in Copenhagen is filled with beautiful pieces, some old and some new that make me happy and feel grounded. Because o travel so much it’s important for me to have a place that I can return to that brings me back to earth and keeps my feet planted firmly on the ground. It rebalances and reenergisers me.” Says Nathalie. 

As you can imagine, the bright and airy apartment is the creation of a true creative mind, with simple and understated furniture pieces brought together with calming neutral tones and finished off with statement pieces of art and photography from her favourite artists and projects. 

Sourcing Nathalie’s style

When it comes to creating a scheme, Nathalie starts by pulling together all her creative vision and ideas in a visual document t. “It’s very abstract and fluid and helps me visualise what I want to achieve before I start piecing it together by sourcing pieces. I find it helps to think of feelings that you want your styling to invoke and visualise them,” says Nathalie. 

“Depending what your style is, I would look first to your local independent interior sellers and craftsmen. I am a  big believer in supporting these talented and amazing creative people who create such beautiful pieces with their bare hands,” says Nathalie. “Antique shops and flea markets are another great okace to look for unique hidden gems. You can touch and feel the years of history that an older piece of furniture has seen and experienced, and by purchasing it for your own purpose you’re adding chapter to it’s story.
“And most importantly, be true to your own style. Let the trends inspire you but feel the freedom to interpret your own personality and what you love. Use the trends as a guide rather that a strict rule.” 

We loved working with Nathalie and seeing her creative vision come to life. You can see her work in the photography throughout this magazine and in our TV ad and brand film, which can be found on our YouTube channel at