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Interior trends 2019: The calm after the storm

Calm after storm
Our hectic modern lifestyles and the way we use our personal spaces are at the forefront of 2019’s colour choices, and creating spaces that help us not only relax but reflect is paramount. 

The last year has been a socially turbulent year across the world, from politics to unfortunate natural disasters. The 2019 colour trends represent the social response to an unsettled year, with the tone for 2019 being all about reconnecting with people and places and rebalancing ourselves. 

Calming Neutrals    

In 2019, we are seeing a shift, with trends going against what has been popular in previous years, such as the feature wall and striking bold block colour. This year will be the year for stripping back the bold statement walls and reinstating balance with neutral backdrops in softer, calming colour palettes. 

Dark Details 

While we’re moving towards more calming and lighter living spaces, designers are incorporating those statement darker colours that we’re losing from the walls into other aspects of our rooms. Kitchens in particular are seeing a shift towards darker colour palettes for the doors and worktops, and smaller details such as rugs, cushions, vases and even books are being used to add contrasting darker tones in our lighter areas. 

Light Wood Floors

This trend is influenced by the desire to create lighter and brighter rooms in our homes. We’re enjoying the fresh, stripped back styles and light tones of wooden floor lend themselves nicely to that. Think ash wood coupled with a large area rug to create texture and depth. 

Return of the macramé 

The bohemian art of weaving textiles first graced our homes in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and this beautiful handcrafted art is now making a comeback. We’re seeing an emergence of not only shop-bough macramé but handmade, whether it’s a local independent seller or people following Instagram tutorials and creating their own one-off pieces. From wall hangings and plant hangers to curtains and cushions, macramé is a perfect way to add a unique touch to any room and fits perfectly  with the Scandi style movement. 

Scandinavian Simplicity

The beauty of the Scandinavian interiors style comes from the simplicity. Clean lines, calming tones and subtle fabrics create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, while every piece of furniture, every accessory, every splash of colour has a purpose. Statement lighting works to create the tone of the room, while stylish sofas aren’t just for show, they’re for sinking into. 
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