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Interiors: Styling your children's bedroom

Child interior
It’s the place in your home where your little ones play, sleep and learn. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be on trend as well. 

1. Make a statement

Statement furniture immediately injects fun and creativity into any room and so it makes them the perfect choice for your child’s bedroom. And as the bed is the main feature in any bedroom why not make that your statement? Find a way to showcase your child’s personality, whether that be the little explorer in them or sleeping in style like their favourite princess. 

2. Your best feature 

Having a feature is key to any interior design trend, present and future. Whether it’s creating an eye-catching wall or adding a burst of colour through feature furnishings, the rest of the room should accentuate the main feature.

3. Wall art and prints 

From snappy slogans to woodland creatures, wall art and prints are the best way to inject fun and colour into your child’s bedroom – especially if you want to keep the tone of the room itself neutral. And, better yet, when your little ones get bored, the art is easy to change and update. 

4. Accessories 

Sometimes, all you need is a simple accessory to create the perfect balance between clean and modern and fun and playful. Shelving is a really popular nterior trend, whether it be hanging, floating or industrial style, they’ve all been featured highly throughout the year. And so, adding something like a circular hanging shelf to a child’s bedroom can add style and maturity whilst letting you choose anything to display on them. Cactus and Succulent plants add colour to a room and make for very little maintenance whilst a funky photo frame or cuddly toy can add a personal aspect.