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Interior design trends 2018

Interior design trends 2018

Symmetry is a thing of the past. Gone are the days when perfection and symmetrical room composition were the aim; now it's all about creating balance with imbalnace. Creating off-centre features such as a statement corner lamp or a rug that doesn't sit in the centre of the room is a great way to embrase the imperfect perfect.  In the bedroom, create asymmetry with different bedside decor. Experiement with heights and styles of lamps and table dressing, and change the material of each bedside table; have mango wood on one side and iron on the other. 

 Nature at the root

The roots of this trend run right to the foundations of the room. Natural wooden flooring with the grain and grooves intact is a popular choice in modern homes. Organic wallpaper is also a great way to bring nature into the room, with a floral or wood grain effect creating an eye-catching statement and forming a natural base which can be built upon with accessories.

A splash of green

Real or artificial, indoor plants are becoming a hugely popular way to add greenery and life to our interiors. Succulents and cacti are an increasingly popular choice, as they’re easy to maintain (if you opt for real) and have realistic looking faux alternatives for those who aren’t green fingered but still want to bring the trend into their home.

Foliage and twigs are another natural accessory to bring the outside into any room, with statement pieces used to compliment your colour schemes and add a new dynamic to your room.

Tempting textures

Textures play a large role in 2018 interior trends. From the luxuriousness of furs to the roughness of raw wood, these textures should appeal both to the eye and to the touch. And textures aren’t just limited to your furnishings. Bring in accessories made of raw materials such as a wooden light fitting or a slate board. Take texture to places you wouldn’t normally consider; use a textured wallpaper to create a feature wall or add a raw bark statement light that appeals to multiple senses.

Authentic artwork

Art is becoming a more popular way of adding character to interiors and expressing personality in any room of the home. Art is also a great tool for grounding an interior theme, tying together the different elements using the colours and emotions of the art.

Whether you choose to buy an off the shelf piece or commission bespoke artwork, be sure to make this your last purchase for the room, rather than trying to create the room’s theme around the artwork.
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Nature's Accessories

Nature can be beautiful right down to the little things and interior designers are recognising how this beauty can finish off a room. Dressing a table with natural pebbles and feathers or adding a sprig of blossom or some twigs to a vase adds that finishing touch of nature and cane be incorporated into any room and design scheme.