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“The design and layouts to our bedrooms are focused around allowing natural light to flood the room, creating a private, calming and peaceful space to relax and unwind.”

Lloyd Anglesea
Head of Design

A space to escape, relax and rest.

Your bedroom is one of the key rooms in your home to reflect tranquillity and relaxation so it is important to get it right. Creating a relaxing and clutter free space is important to allow you to kick back, relax and rest up.

Things to consider 

when designing your bedroom

Create the space
Set the tone
Add your personal touch

Create the space

Bedrooms should be a tranquil space to allow you to relax. Creating a space with sufficient storage will allow you to declutter the room. Instantly achieving a peaceful atmosphere.

Set the tone

Colour plays a huge role in our mood and wellbeing so we want to choose the right shades and tones for a relaxing space. We recommend focusing on neutral colours on the walls such as sandy beige or a light grey. If you are a lover of colour, try adding a muted version of your favourite colour such as a beautiful sage green or a deep burnt orange rather than the more vibrant options.

Add your personal touch

When it comes to personalising your bedroom there can be many things to choose from. Our advise is to start with the floor and work your way up. Consider how you would like your bedroom to feel when you wake up and take your first step out of bed. Consider textures, having a high gloss finish will allow light to bounce of the surface and reflect back into the room. Opting for a matte finish will allow you to explore subtle muted tones that blend with the walls.

Real time, Bedroom design

Design your perfect bedroom storage in real time.

Design your ideal bedroom storage, from colour and material combinations, down to the finishing touches to suit your unique style.