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Home Reach

Buy up to a 75% share of your new home with Home Reach

We work with heylo, one of the UK’s largest home ownership programmes, to offer a part-buy-part-rent option that helps you to buy your new home sooner rather than later.
With Home Reach, you buy 50- 75% share of your new home now, and pay a small monthly rental fee on the remaining percentage of your home until you are ready to own the full 100%.
You can purchase your share with cash or by taking out a mortgage, with as little as 5% deposit. You will pay rent of 2.75% of the value of the unowned share, which will be paid monthly by direct debit to heylo.

Home Reach Calculator

Calculate how much you can affford with using the Home Reach part-buy-part-rent scheme:
Price of New Home Initial Share Price (50%) 10% Deposit Mortgage Amount* Rent  (2.75%) Monthly
Mortgage Payment*
heylo Admin
Minimum Income
Total Monthly Costs*
£120,000 £60,000 £6,000 £54,000 £137.50 £270.34 £19.98 £15,367 £426.45
£125,000 £62,500 £6,250 £56,250 £143.23 £281.60 £19.98 £15,980 £443.44
£130,000 £65,000 £6,500 £58,500 £148.96 £292.86 £19.98 £16,592 £460.43
£135,000 £67,500 £6,750 £60,750 £154.69 £304.13 £19.98 £17,205 £477.43
£150,000 £75,000 £7,500 £67,500 £171.88 £337.92 £19.98 £19,042 £528.41
£160,000 £80,000 £8,000 £72,000 £183.33 £360.45 £19.98 £20,266 £562.39
£170,000 £85,000 £8,500 £76,500 £194.79 £382.98 £19.98 £21,491 £596.38
£180,000 £90,000 £9,000 £81,000 £206.25 £405.51 £19.98 £22,716 £630.37
£200,000 £100,000 £10,000 £90,000 £229.17 £450.56 £19.98 £25,165 £698.34
£250,000 £125,000 £12,500 £112,500 £286.46 £563.20 £19.98 £31,289 £868.27
£290,000 £145,000 £14,500 £130,500 £332.29 £653.31 £19.98 £36,224 £1,005.22
*Based on a 3.5% mortgage interest rate and a mortgage term of 25 years. 

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible to purchase a Strata home using the Home Reach shared ownership scheme if:
  • Your household income does not exceed £80,000 per annum
  • You have saved a deposit (at least 5% of the share value)
  • You are a first-time buyer or have previously owned a home, but cannot afford to buy outright at the moment
  • The shared ownership home will be your only home
  • You have passed an Affordability Check
  • You have registered with a Help to Buy Agent (ask our team for more details)

The Benefits of Buying a Strata Home With Home Reach

  • There’s no need to keep moving and upsizing - you can buy your forever home now
  • Smaller mortgage and deposit requirements mean lower mortgage payments now
  • You can live in your home now and buy the remaining share whenever you feel ready
  • The scheme is flexible to your needs; any share up to 75% can be purchased.
  • If you choose to sell your home, you can list it at the share price, increasing the amount of potential buyers
  • You will enjoy the same journey and benefits as any other Strata homebuyer, including customising your new home with options and following the build progress, as well as a two year warranty and aftercare service.
  • Home Reach homes have a 125 year lease which is also a government lease.
Disclaimer: Not available with Part Exchange or the Assisted Selling schemes. Stamp duty is payable on the share purchased.

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