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How to style open plan living

Interiors|08 September 2020
Open plan living spaces are becoming increasingly popular and we totally get why. They create such a social space for you to enjoy with your family and friends. It makes your home feel bigger, lighter and brighter and makes it seem like a really open, welcoming space. But, it can be tricky to know how to style such a large, multifunctional space. 
How to style open plan living


Zoning is a great way to establish different areas of a larger room. Although the main benefit of having an open plan living space is for it to be a multifunctional space, it’s still important to establish different areas that can be used for different things. Rugs are brilliant for zoning; you can introduce different textures, colours and shapes which will create a subtle zone in a multifunctional room. 

Connect with the outside 

In any open plan living space, we think it’s important to connect with the outside. Because it’s such a huge space, it’s likely that’s where you’ll spend the most time as a family or with friends and so wherever possible we suggest having French doors or large windows that can open up and let the fresh air in. It’s allows your outside space to be an extension of the living space which is great when your kids are using the space to play in or you’re hosting a summer BBQ with friends and family. 

Keep it light 

It’s important to let the light in to make the space feel as big and as bright as possible. This isn’t to say you can’t go for dark interiors, sometimes that can create a real impact, especially in a large space. But it’s important that you make the room feel as light as possible to really exaggerate the space you have. 

Careful placement 

The placement of furniture can easily make or break a living space. Too cramped and the space can be left looking smaller than what it actually is and can mean it’s hard to move around the space. Not enough furniture and you risk the space not being functional at all. Measuring out the space you have plus the furniture you want to fill the space with is key. And once you have the furniture, where you place it is the next important step. Use your sofa to create a zone for your lounge area and try and go for a circular table over a square one. It’s more inclusive in a large open plan space and can make the space flow better. 
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