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How to make your room more calming

HomesInteriors|22 September 2020
<span style="font-size:16px;">We think it’s important to create a space in your home where you feel completely calm and relaxed and where you can enjoy some time for yourself; your bedroom should be that place. Your bedroom should be your haven, where you go to feel calm, rested and restored before starting a new day. Here are our top tips to creating a more calming room.</span>
How to make your room more calming

First stop; bed! 

Your bed is probably the most important part of making your bedroom the most calming space it can be. It’s what will take up the most room, and rightly so, your bed has got to suit your needs. It needs to be supportive and comfortable and somewhere you can enjoy a full night’s sleep. It’s also super easy to decorate; find some bedding that makes you happy, whether it’s soft muted tones or bright florals. It’s somewhere that will instantly catch your eye when you walk into the room so it should make you feel good when you see it. 

Find your scent 

The scent in your room will completely change how you feel about spending time there, so it’s important to choose wisely. If you already have a scent that you love and that makes you feel calm and relaxed then go with that one. If you’re not sure what your favourite scent is or if you’re in search of a new one then don’t be afraid to experiment! There’s plenty of fragrances out there to try, from Fresh Cotton to Vanilla Buttercream, there’s something for everyone.  

Go green 

It’s no secret that having plants in our home is hugely beneficial for our mental health. They also help us stay connected to nature, which is perfect now the seasons are changing, and we’ll be spending more time indoors. Plants can be high maintenance, depending on the style, you can buy ones that need watering every day and needs moving in and out of direct sunlight. Some people welcome the added responsibility a plant brings to their life. Others, not so much. If you’re like the latter, start small with a succulent, they require little watering and can survive in both direct and indirect sunlight. 

Minimal matters 

It’s pretty simple really; no mess, no stress! A clutter free room is guaranteed to make you feel instantly more relaxed. Less is often more and so opting for a minimalistic bedroom will allow your mind to settle and your body to relax as soon as your head hits the pillow. Make sure everything you reach for day to day is on show or easy to grab and pop everything else away in a draw or your wardrobe. Remember, your room is your happy place so have things on show that make you feel calm.  

Cosy is key 

For us, this is the most important tip, the cosier the better. Add throws, cushions and more throws to your bed, layers are the perfect way to achieve a cosy bedroom. Hang fairy lights or light candles to add some extra depth to your space. Create a reading corner with a chair and some extra blankets so you have An area in your room you can go to escape. And finally, have a fresh set of pyjamas waiting for you when you get in so you can feel extra cosy when it’s finally time to relax. 
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